One of the big news items lately has been the missing Malaysian Flight 370. I haven’t followed the details of this news story. I know that a plane went missing, seemingly without a trace, and authorities are trying to learn what happened. Using my Dreampower Tarot deck (DPT), I asked: What happened to the missing airplane?  I further clarified this as: What are the circumstances surround it’s disappearance?


Before I talk about the reading, note that I used a broad question. A cartomantic detective would be better served by asking a series of more focused questions. Such as: Did the plane crash? Was it hijacked? Did something malfunction? If crashed, was it done intentionally? Is the plane is X part of the world now? Short readings that are like detective work, gathering clues and assembling a puzzle that illuminates the solution. That style originally prompted the tagline for my blog. I’ve noticed some good readers utilize this technique, but it seems to be little known; or at least, I’ve not seen it taught much.

I stuck with my broad question because I didn’t have the luxury to do several readings today. I used a practical variant of the Tree of Life spread. In some ways it can be considered akin to a categorized horary astrology chart.

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Queen of Spirits
10 of Fire (Power) — King of Ancestors
The Void — Queen of Messengers
The Observatory — Child of Ancestors
9 of Air (Intensification)
King of Fire


Overview of Cards

I smiled as I laid down the first card, the Queen of Spirits, because she visually reminded me of someone spreading wings as if pretending to fly.  A good card in terms of grounding the reading, and confirming that my focus is on target. I continued to lay down the cards and my smile vanished. While these cards don’t directly show dire events, they nonetheless felt profound.

Half of these are court cards, suggesting a lot of people were involved in the event. The courts fill the right side of the tree, the Pillar of Mercy. Those on the flight have been shown mercy, or avoided much suffering, I think.

Vanishment — a being who is half disappearing — is the fulcrum of the reading about a vanished plane. The Void and The Observatory are profound trumps in the Dreampower’s language. There are two elemental cards present, and they are both high numbers as well as being strong, active cards indicating a sense of finality and a powerful event.

Lastly, the Queen and King of Spirits — a matched, fiery pair — begin and end this reading. While I still don’t know the Dreampower well, I can sense this is a significant layout.

The Top Triangle

Let’s start with the Queen and King. Initially I felt the Queen visually confirmed the subject of the plane, but now I think it’s significant that she and her spouse bookend the deck. They are a true power couple, and being fire, it’s hard for me to think that something other than fire was involved in the disappearance. A fire on board, or a fire from the crash? I’m not sure yet. Let’s keep going.

The top trio should be relating to the question, or what’s known. The King of Ancestors and the 10 of Fire. Power, indeed! This makes me think of a strong businessman, such as whoever runs the airline in question. It makes me think someone is exerting power in this situation. Power to keep things hidden, from the public, is what I get.

The Middle Triangle

The Queen of Spirits (akin to the Queen of Swords) is in the fourth position, which shows something that is present in the situation. A smart woman? A maternal instinct tempering a sharp decision? I read this as a decision to save many by sacrificing a few; such as if the plane was taken off-course to crash, dooming the passengers but not crashing into a city.

The Void is showing what’s withheld or missing. The Void is akin to the Fool of the regular tarot and contains all other cards. The DPT book says this card “reveals limitless potential or shocking truth.” This would imply that potential is absent; this is a cut-and-dry situation with nothing mysterious at the core. The truth, then, is being withheld from the general public at this time. I suspect someone knows what’s going on. Perhaps it’s even that Queen of Spirits on the other side of the fulcrum. I’ve observed that the cards in 4 an 5, as well as 7 and 8, can be like dancers who spin and separate but work best when considered together.

Vanishment is the central card, and depicts a being who willingly vanishes. It can represent self-sacrifice according to the DPT book. My first thought was the disappearance of the plane, which is the subject of the reading. As I pondered for the Queen of Spirits, was the plane intentionally brought down as a sacrfice? Or is there something deeper here? I also think this card hints that the situation will be revealed because information is already on its way.

The Bottom Triangle

In the emotions position, the Child of Ancestors is a young earth being (related to the Page of Coins), who is small but has the power of the earth at his or her disposal. I think this is a message — a sense of anguish — from the earth itself, and that the earth holds flight 370, so to speak.

In the position of mind is the Observatory. This is a card of new perspectives and ensuing transformation. I suspect it hints at a change of direction of the plane, one that I’d think was made intentionally given this card.

The root card is 9 of Air – intensification.This is a number 9 in the 9th position, so it would be even stronger: an increase of intensity. It strengthens all the cards around it. It also makes me think of the turbulence in the air itself, and certainly of the flight craft, on its way to the final card.


Card 10 is the outcome that all the other cards describe and build to. Here it is the King of Spirits. It isn’t a negative card on its own, but that 9 of Air strengthens the King and makes him a bit wild or crazy. It would be like the wind hitting a bonfire and starting a forest fire. I am afraid it suggests a fiery end to Flight 370; one that seems unavoidable with the events that led up to it.

I feel sad as I wrap up this post, and cast a final glance over the spread. Those people (court cards)  all seem to be beseeching me, as if looking for acknowledgement. Seeing the Void followed by Vanishment gives me a solemn feeling. The Observatory is a favorite card, and lends some peace to the spread, although it is the stillness of a chapel. I didn’t reach a definitive conclusion — the disadvantage of using a broader question along with an unfamiliar deck. I picked up enough aspects to believe there won’t be good news out of this unfortunate event, sadly.

Do you see these cards differently? Or have you read about this yourself, and care to share? Let me know in the comments.