A while ago I took a look at my shiny, then-new Law of Attraction Tarot deck.


Skimming the linked article, I was quite enamored with it when it was new. How has it fared in my collection over time?

At first look, I was quite taken with the presentation. It was my first deck in a magnetic latched box; it had a full color book with lovely typesetting; and the modern (watercolor style?) artwork was refreshing. It seemed like it would be readily learned, with the help of the book to explain the significance of some of the otherwise cryptic images.

In retrospect that learning never happened for me. I tended to stick with my core cadre of reading decks, thinking that I’d get to it “some day.” As it happens, some day came along a few weeks ago, as I was looking to slim down my (moderate) collection. I sat down to work with the cards, and tried out a mystery game found in The Tarot Playbook.

What I found is that the Law of Attraction Tarot doesn’t work for me in practice. I like looking at many of the striking and unusual images, but they don’t truly resonate. I perused the deck and wondered how some of the meanings or images came to be. I also acknowledged that I still prefer my decks to look old-fashioned, mystical or timeless. This modern style that seemed so refreshing doesn’t speak to my intuition or my heart, in practice.

I still think someone could work with this deck if they spent enough time getting to know it. I think now that it is very dissimilar to the Rider Waite Smith tradition, so I’d suggest jettisoning that knowledge first and getting to know the Law of Attraction deck on its own terms.


This deck would be suitable for readings about business or for use in a corporate environment, perhaps, as it depicts many scenarios that would be related to those environments. I’m thinking of the stocks chart or the woman waiting for an elevator as I write this. It would also have use for some writers who like to find inspiration in the cards, I suspect, given its modern flavor.

So as it stands, I have no interest in working with the Law of Attraction Tarot. Honestly, I considered whether I might ever use it for some fiction writing inspiration, but there are enough cards that don’t inspire me in that fashion. Tastes change, and while my tastes were perhaps more expansive when I bought this deck, I have to say that now I find it too modern and a little idiosyncratic for my tastes.

What do you think of this deck? Let me know in the comments.