I’d like to welcome any folks who are new to my blog, who found me through kajama.com. Some articles from my archives are published there today.


Besides greeting new visitors, this seems like a good time to take a short retrospective look at my blog.

I started this in blog in 2009. My about page talks more about who I am (and is probably due for an update!). The short version is that I’ve been working with the tarot since the early-to-mid-90’s.

In my first post, I wrote:

This blog will be about my adventures in working with reading cards, and hopefully over time will provide a nice English language resource for reading European cards that aren’t as readily found outside Europe.

I started this blog when I was going through a bit of tarot burnout and exploring other card systems. In particular, I was intrigued by the Lenormand deck and various methods of reading playing cards, particularly old systems which often used only 32 cards.

I felt like a part of a pioneer community back then, as the Lenormand and similar oracles had few English language resources available, and several of us were interacting and sharing our research and experiences online. I made a few good online friends through that effort.


Lo Scarabeo French Cartomancy (Lenormand)

Now, of course, the Lenormand has exploded in the English language market and there is more information on some of those other oracles. Playing cards continue to be a (relatively) niche system but continue to exert a fascination for many, and many methods of reading them are available.

“Prediction” was sort of a dirty word when I started this blog, as a large portion of the vocal tarot community seemed offended by the idea. I was always in the camp that it was okay to do “fortune-telling,” which is generally evident throughout my writing, from house hunting to Justin Bieber (an alternate reading with Lenormand). The tarot community has been swinging in this same direction — Susyn Blair-Hunt’s book Tarot Prediction & Divination was one of the first signs of this trend. And I think the Lenormand is so popular because it makes prediction seem easy.

I am long over my tarot burnout, of course. The tarot is still my favorite system, because it’s so malleable; and perhaps because it’s my first language. A lot of people seem to think the tarot is lousy for doing anything other than psychological readings, but I disagree and hope that this blog helps to show that the tarot can read mundane and predictive things, if given the right focus.

3 of Cups

Lo Scarabeo Tarot – 3 of Cups

Of course, I’ve shared a few personal experiences in the process: daily readings, workplace scenarios, and I even used relationship woes to illustrate unpacking a Celtic Cross with card counting and elemental dignities a la Catherine Chapman.

I have two series that are worth a read, if you read cards. One is a four-part set called Questioning the Question, the other is a Twelve Days of Christmas themed series.

I have an international audience, with folks recently visiting from countries which include Italy, Brazil, Romania, Croatia, and Singapore. I generally have the most visits from the US and UK. Hello, world!


And that is a whirlwind look at almost five years of blogging! Feel free to browse, search, check out the categories or just leave a comment to say hello.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!