Did you ever have a reading, especially a daily draw, where you looked at it and thought maybe you should have stayed in bed? That was how I felt when I saw this yesterday.

Len_Daily_20140325Clouds + Cross + Whip

This is my Lo Scarabeo French Cartomancy deck. I saw the above cards and thought, “Whoa! That looks terrible!”

Now, I’m not a fan of the daily reading. It can be fun for practicing prediction and it does make the cards feel like part of one’s life. The problem is that a daily could apply to anything, and so even among experienced readers seems likely to be understood (in terms of specific occurrences) after the fact.

I got this negative trio and wondered what was in store for me. These are three of the negative cards in the Lenormand deck, and arguably the worst of the negatives. They mapped how my day played out very well!

I also will show how I used the tarot to try and provide more detail.

The Clouds speaks to confusion and things that aren’t clear, or outcomes that can’t yet be known. The Cross is generally a symbol of pain and suffering. The Whip can have nuances according to one’s method of reading. As this was a work day, I figured it most likely related to challenging discussions.

Because this is a daily reading the message should be toned down, so to speak. Pain and suffering sounds awful, but in this kind of reading it could be as simple as the pain from a papercut. (Which I have had for the last couple days, actually.) The Clouds in a daily could mean not seeing the right place, for example not finding a meeting room. Stringing these together, each card helps to focus or modify the previous, and they should all focus on one message.

So this looked like uncertainty related to painful discussions. Yuck! I decided to throw a quick tarot trio to get more information on what the Lenormand was telling me. Using my Lo Scarabeo tarot, here are those cards.

Tarot_Daily_20140325Magician — High Priestess — Page of Swords

My quick interpretation was that there would be a message (Page) about some important or powerful (Magician) knowledge (High Priestess), which was most likely secret (also the High Priestess). As a clarifier, this is what would cause the painful and uncertain discussions shown in the Lenormand.

I went off to work, and these both played out surprisingly accurately. As soon as I arrived, there was an email announcing organizational changes, which included some promotions of new managers in my department. That fit the tarot spread. While I didn’t think all of the reorg made sense, I didn’t find it painful so I wondered about the Lenormand draw. That showed up 30 minutes later.

I can’t be too detailed about the circumstances at work, but I was involved in several challenging discussions related to the uncertainty of an employee’s position at work, and whether that employee would be moving elsewhere in the company. Although challenging, the talks weren’t backbreaking; and so in the context of the daily draw (remember that toning down?) these cards fit perfectly. As an additional tidbit, chronic or repetitive things can be shown by the way I read Whip, and there were definitely several short discussions throughout the entire day.

So in this case, it was okay to get out of bed after all. Phew!

Did you ever have a bad daily draw that turned out better (or worse) than you expected? Let me know in the comments.