Today I have a short post, which I’m calling a Quick Tip. It is intended to be a small, bite-sized nugget of cartomancy goodness.

Today’s tip topic: Capture the Spread.

WrpitstopPenelope Pitstop — Wacky Races, (c) Hanna Barbera

Pictured above is Penelope Pitstop, “glamour gal of the gas pedal.” You can imagine that a gal like Penelope probably doesn’t have a lot of time to ponder her readings, because she’s always on the go. What to do?

The fastest way, and what I do the most, is take a quick photo with a smartphone or equivalent. I can even use the photo to note the question. My quick-and-dirty way is to email the picture to myself along with the specific question.

What if you prefer to ponder the physical layout? Pick up the cards in reverse. This works with a 4-card playing card spread, a 10-card tarot Tree of Life and even a Lenormand Grand Tableau. Then when you have more time later, just deal out the same spread again. This will recreate the original layout. Just don’t shuffle the deck first, or your particular reading will be lost!

This post has been brought to you by the letter “P.”