I did a couple of readings this week for a man I’ll call Nick. Nick wanted to know if he will be offered a job that he has recently interviewed for. I used my Dreampower tarot, which hasn’t gotten attention lately.


Nick has interviewed twice and is anxious, both for a response and to hopefully get this job. It entails a move to a new part of the organization he works for. Nick is a social worker who is burned out in his current job, which has earned him a physical attack and two death threats from clients this year.

I used the Tree of Life spread. Click the image below for a larger view.


My initial response looking over this spread was moderately favorable. The outcome card is the good-natured Queen of Water. As an outcome card, it indicates things are dependent on a woman. Or even on the organization. I felt a clarifying card would be helpful so I added one, which is the Stairway. It can go up or down, indicating choice and initiative. It suggests movement to me, and I still thought it was a positive indicator, given the preceding cards.

The first trio is the base of the question or situation. The central herald is about a change or movement in the mental realm. The second card, the Opener, is about endings and new paths. The third card is the 4 of Water – Flowing. This is Nick, ready to break free of his stagnant, current job to get things moving. The Opener is a good omen for making a transition; and since Proliferation is below him, I think it’s a break that leads to great new opportunities.

The next trio starts with the 10 of Earth – Proliferation. The Child of Water brings emotional updates or information. The central card, both of the spread and the subject at hand, is the Maker, who holds the power in her hands — literally! Proliferation is what’s present, and suggests a good opportunity in the form of this job. It also could mean a lot of applicants, but that’s background information to the answer.

The Child of Water in this position shows that playfulness is lacking. Indeed, Nick is quite serious about this job. The Maker gives a strong vibe of creativity and I felt this to be a good indicator for Nick: it indicates that in this situation he is in control, and competent. Likely this was evident to the interviewers.

The last trio starts with the 3 of Earth – Coagulation. I feel like I have gotten this card in my last couple of (unblogged) Dreampower spreads, and it’s a card that I like for some reason. The Raptor, representing inner power, is in the eighth position. Finally there is the 10 of Water – Depth. Coagulation seems like things beginning to solidify; to happen. Opposite the Raptor, this is the drive to make those things happen. Finally there is Depth, which is related to the ocean. It shows the promise of this new job, and leads nicely to the final, watery Queen.

I already covered the final cards, so I won’t repeat them. Overall, there are 4 water cards, which indicates emotions are a large part of this situation. Given Nick’s circumstances and hopes, as well as the nature of social work, this isn’t a surprise. A couple of 10’s lend weight to the situation, and with the 10 of Earth (not to mention the 3 which solidifies) I think there is promise of “landing” the job.

This isn’t perhaps the strongest response to me, but it’s a comfortable indicator of a “yes.” Maybe it’s because I’m still not fully conversant with the Dreampower deck. In any case, I did a follow-up tarot reading, which I will consider posting.