In my previous post, I did a reading with my Dreampower deck to ask if “Nick” would be offered a job for which he’s interviewed. As I mentioned, I’m not fully conversant yet with the Dreampower so I opted to do a tarot reading as well. I used my Lo Scarabeo Tarot and asked the same question: Will Nick be offered the job?


Knight of Swords – Page of Swords – Chariot – 8 of Coins – 6 of Wands

This is my favorite yes-or-no spread, from Tarot Prediction & Divination by Susyn Blair-Hunt. The card values are used to determine a positive or negative answer, and then the meanings are read for more information. In this picture I’ve raised the affirmative cards. It is a “qualified yes.”

Courts are counted as negative, the trumps and even numbered minors (pips) are counted as positive. Any odd numbered minors would have been negative. Since there are more positives than negatives the core answer is yes. However, there is a slim majority of positives, rather than a strong winner with four or five positives.

I think of this as a “yes, but…” answer. The card meanings are then read to provide more details. In this spread I immediately noticed the two negative cards are court cards of the same suit. I also noted that the positives are very favorable in regards to a question of accomplishment. There are two cards of movement present, the Knight and the Chariot, which reinforces the idea of change.

I think the Knight shows Nick’s readiness for change, and also his determination. Could that determination have come across in a negative fashion? He likely triggered some opinions in the form of the Page. Yet he is prepared to reap the rewards with the Chariot. The 8 of Coins is a great card for work. The 6 of Wands is, of course, a triumphant man being admired.

Altogether, I believe Nick will be offered the job, although it could involve some ups-and-downs before it comes to him. His determination will serve him well although it may have come across too strongly during his interview. And I wonder if the offer won’t be quite what he would expect.

I found this interesting when compared to my previous Dreampower reading, which I also thought wasn’t as strong as it could be. While that had positive cards, it also seemed like a qualified yes, which compares to my 2–3 card ratio here.

This reading has two related court cards that I feel are important. While I don’t read them as actual people, they certainly reflect possibilities caused by people interacting. This is an interesting parallel to the Dreampower spread, where the outcome is dependent on a woman (or organization), again emphasizing people in this situation.

What do you see in this spread? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.