I recently shared a couple of readings regarding whether “Nick” would be offered a job for which he’d interviewed. I am now able to share the outcome of these readings.


Nick was, in fact, offered this job right before Easter. They were quite happy to have him. The move comes with a small and unexpected increase of pay, which echoes the triumphant cards that appeared in the tarot spread, and relates well to the monetary 8 of Coins. I had mentioned the job was elsewhere in his company; however, it is at a new company that works with his current place. Given that, the traveling Chariot is a good card to convey such movement to a new location.

The only known negative is the fact that it seemed to take a long time after the readings to receive the news. Then again, things like job offers can take a relatively long time, which is only magnified when a person is hoping for that news.

Nick starts in a couple of weeks, so congratulations to him.