Here is a “quickie” reading I did midweek, at the office. I was having a bad day and feeling a bit stressed about some things at work, and thought maybe I should express my concerns to my boss. It’s a good thing I’m a card reader and can always get impromptu, impartial advice!

I asked: Should I express my concerns to my manager today?

rider-sketch  Lenormand Snake Sketch

Rider and Snake were the cards from my two-card draw. I interpreted right away as haste leads to problems. This helped me be more objective and realize that complaining wouldn’t help add much as speaking with a clear identification of my problem as well as some idea of a solution.

I stuck to that advice and I think it was good, as I still haven’t sorted out my own feelings about my circumstances at this time.

Do you do quickie readings for advice? Has it helped you? Let me know about it in the comments!