I don’t know why, but even after after all these years with the Lenormand, their directness can still surprise and excite me.

The head of our department called the managers in my area for a private meeting this morning. Since two of them were on vacation, this was unusual and worrisome. I wondered what kind of news might come out of this. So I hit up the Lenormand to ask: what is the news that will be shared in this meeting?

lenormand_reading-20140527Birds – Child – Key – Bear – Roads

I used The Fool’s Dog iPhone app, although I’ve depicted here with my new Gilded Reverie Lenormand. For those of you who are newer to Lenormand, even though these cards may look a little different than older cards — for example this Birds card depicts more than two birds — they are read the same. Lenormand is Lenormand, no matter the deck.

Birds as the first card reassured me that the reading was on the right track. My question is related to a meeting, and the first card shows that meeting. In conjunction with the child, this is a short meeting or a meeting to discuss something new. Both were true, as it happens.

Then I came to the Key and thought it was quite an important meeting. Uh-oh! Following with Bear and the Roads (or Crossroads), it seems like a manager will be departing, or maybe having two roles. If I’d been using a physical deck I might have drawn an extra card to help clarify whether the Roads was showing an exit or options.

This was about fifteen minutes before the impromptu meeting happened and feedback quickly followed, as the news was announced to the entire team right afterwards: our team manager is leaving for a new role elsewhere within the company. Whoa!

While the Lenormand was spot on, this is sad news, as I really value this manager and know that he looks out for our team as a whole. He is a “key player” in many of our opinions, and this news is also important in that it likely means a restructuring of our team, which many of us fear without this kind of manager to watch out for us.

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