I’m attending a winery event this weekend, and was thinking about doing some readings there. It was popular when I did so the last time. However, part of me just wants to go, drink wine and enjoy myself. Without worrying about people unloading their problems, trying to find semi-privacy or — worst of all — watching that my cards don’t blow away in bursts of wind when sitting outdoors!

So I sought some advice from the cards. What do I need to know about reading at the winery this weekend? I chose the Dreampower Tarot.

reading_20140616Whirlpool – Child of Fire – 3 Fire (Intention)
Warrior of Earth – 10 Fire (Power) – 2 Fire (Leaping)


Whoa, kind of a strong reading! The first thing I noticed were the fire cards clustered together. That includes the people. Two out of six cards are court cards. And the trump is a deep card. Lots of energy then. A go-get-’em spread, if ever there was? Let’s see.

The Spread

This spread is a pattern that works well for me with this deck. It’s six cards laid out, although dealt in a pattern of two interlocking triangles. In other words, the order I lay these cards is:

1 – 5 – 3
4 – 1 – 6

I’ve written that the Dreampower deck has a “natural spread,” that is, a spread where each position is defined by one of the 22 trumps. That gives each position a meaning from its trump, and if a trump falls in its own or “home” position it is strengthened. Those of you who read Lenormand can think of the Grand Tableau houses, although a house doesn’t strengthen its own card. (Incidentally, this is an old cartomancy technique that didn’t originate with Petit Lenormand.)

In the Dreampower, the first six cards repesent the first or Stone realm, which relates to a person’s surface life and material reality, and can be read as a sort of first phase on their own. I found that works really well, although I tend to ignore the positional designations and just read these as a story or pattern. What particularly works well for me is allowing each card to be influenced by its neighbors.

The Courts

In this reading are a child and a warrior. The court cards in this deck are among the best I’ve encountered in any tarot or oracle; they seem more like real people or beings, somehow, in their depictions. (Which isn’t to say I like them all!) So they tend to stand out to me. This child, akin to a page, brings a very playful sense to the proceedings. I always note that for a fire card, there is little sign of the element in this image. Perhaps this fire child enjoys the reconciliation he can bring between earth and air, while is topsy-turvy between the two?

Then there is the warrior (knight): a fierce, armored woman striding a vast desert with determination. I wouldn’t want to cross her path! She carries power. Both people are touching the Whirlpool, and this hints that they both have unexplored depths to them, or to what they bring to this reading.


There is only one trump here, and that is the Whirlpool. In the Dreampower’s world it is representative of the third and innermost realm, which the deck’s creator defined as an inner source for outer patterns, at an almost transpersonal level. More practically, I see it as implying depth and a powerful potential, from which many things could spring forth.


As mentioned, these are all fire, and represent the fire elementals. Intention makes me smile a bit, because I have often harped on about the importance of intention in doing a reading. Intention helps to give focus, and sets the goal for the reading, which also relates to having well-defined questions.

Power represents strength in general. As a fire card, this would be might and determination, which echo and reinforce the Warrior. Leaping is a polarity card, and is a great card to show the interaction between two people, who must be in sync. I always think of a spark leaping between two candlesticks for this card.


This lengthy breakdown of the reading can be summarized into a short interpretation. If I intend to do these readings, I need to be determined to do so. I need to commit to it, and give it my all. Focus and mutual interaction, or give-and-take, are necessary. I’d need to find a balance between this determination to do good readings and the need to maintain a childlike viewpoint. I also need to be prepared for the fact that readings may go deeper than light entertainment, as might be suitable for an otherwise lighthearted evening of light food and drink.

On one hand this is no surprise, and on the other, it’s exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of. I’m not sure that I want to bring this serious element with me, because I tend to be the kind of reader who finds — and delivers — truth. This doesn’t mean I lack tact, but it does mean I’m not so experienced with a lighthearted parlor sibyl routine.As always, your comments are welcome.