A reader of this blog, Justin, asked in a comment:

Do you have a specific tarot spread you would recommend for looking into situations at work?


My response was so lengthy I decided to turn it into a post. Here is my reply to Justin, which others may also find helpful.

I’m not a big fan of customized spreads geared towards specific or unique situations, so my go-to list would be different than many peoples’. I know you’re familiar with the Tree of Life spread, so that would a good option for a question-and-answer series. Alternately, and still using the Tree of Life, you could ask about the situation at work but then read each sphere in context for the situation — 4th about Jupiterian matters such as money or recognition; 5th as strife, if there are power plays; and so on. In that way of reading you’d get an overview and hopefully insight into the situation, rather than looking for a yes/no outcome.

If you are familiar with the astrological houses, the horoscope spread is an option. I would start with the angular houses (1 – 4 – 7 – 10) for a general progression of the situation; and then read house 1 paired with house 7, house 10, and houses 5 with 11 in particular. If you want to get fancy, you could read using rotated houses. So if you’re wondering about the financial stability of your employer, you’d look to the second house of the employer’s first house, which is the house following house 10: house 11. Or if you wonder about your boss’ health, and he is house 7, then his 6th house, which is the 12 house. (I’m sorry if this confuses anyone unfamiliar with horoscopic practice, as I’m sure a brief paragraph is unclear!)

One of my favorites is the four element spread, fire-water-air-earth (YHVH) from right to left. You could additionally add a card underneath to show root causes, and a card overhead for the outcome. I have an example of this here, as the elemental power spread from Johanna G. Sherman (Sacred Rose tarot)

I am aware of a business-specific spread from Emily Peach, which appears in one of her books which I own, although I’ve never used it. Paul Hughes-Barlow has described that spread here, if you’re feeling adventurous! It would work best with elemental dignities.

Lastly, if you enjoyed this Egyptian flavored post, you might like to try a reading using an Anubis Oracle spread where the positions relate to Nekhbet, Nepththys and Isis. I posted an example of this one here; I would suggest using the majors and aces only if you were to try this with a standard deck.

If I were going to read about work using a traditional or standard tarot deck, I would most likely go for the elemental spread myself. It can be interpreted fluidly, and has enough cards for me to explore a situation while still remaining compact. I tend to favor compact spreads, it’s a personal aesthetic choice I guess!

I hope you find these ideas useful. Feel free to let me know what works, or if you find another spread that you like.

If anyone else has suggestions on card spreads suited to reading about work situations, please share them in the comments.