I used my Egyptian stones, based on the Cartouche oracle cards, to take a brief look at influences at work and around me at this time. This is based on a Tree of Life spread where the planetary aspects take precedence.


The Winged Disc at the top of the spread hints at success: a symbol that good things are on their way for me. It links to the second symbol, the clouds of Air, which I think promises a path to success through job satisfaction: challenging and possibly technical problems which I can resolve by mind power.

At the third position is Fire, in the home of Saturn, the planet of restriction. It suggests breaking free of the things that I currently see as confining. (Either the need to, or the action of doing.)

He fourth spot holds Sirius reversed, in the position of Jupiter and expansion. No raise, apparently! I take this as a warning to conserve strength and not to be overworked. Interestingly, we may be growing our department to handle a large new project next year, which could create for work for us all. This naturally leads to a tendency to work longer hours at times. With the physical card of Sirius reversed, I believe this is a warning to watch out for such things and remember to take care of myself.

The fifth and Mars position holds the stone representing Earth. Growth isn’t going to come without strife; and a reminder that ambition — the term that comes to mind with the symbol of finance, growth and material security in this active position — requires forceful direction.

I’ve decided to split this reading into two posts, so part 2 with the rest of the Tree and my conclusions will follow soon.