This continues my previous post, using the Egyptian stones inspired by the Cartouche oracle cards, to look at current influences surrounding me in the context of work. It also mentions the Cartouche cards, some relationships between Cartouche and other oracles, and even an ancient Egyptian pun!

Again, this is based on a Tree of Life spread where the planetary aspects take precedence. I left off with Earth in the fifth position of Mars. I will continue with the lower half of the tree.


For those who don’t know the tree of life, here is a diagram showing the order/positions in which this spread is read:

3  2
5  4
8   7

This post resumes with the central position at the place of the Sun is the Twins, Shu and Tefnut. Fun fact: depending on who is reporting the creation myth, Shu and Tefnut were created when the primary deity Atum sneezed, with Shu in particular being an ancient pun in that his name sounds like a sneeze. This symbol is about relationships*, and so I’d say my interactions with others are going to be a key theme at work.

The next position, of Venus, is occupied by Osiris. (The Egyptian symbol of the Djed, a stylized tree, is depicted.) Osiris is a loving father figure, and in this system I am reminded of the Emperor and the Hierophant from tarot, although more tempered with love or compassion. Emotionally, I would take this as a reminder not to let my temper get away with me, and to show patience — something I can neglect at times.

The eighth position of Mercury bears the Pyramid. This is a symbol of next steps, higher levels or initiations. I also like to think of stability. So on one hand, I will need new ways of thinking; there could be new situations that require me to get out of my comfort zone and address them more broadly. In practical terms, I know that I need to be more “strategic” in my thinking, and address the broader picture rather than get bogged down in details. When it comes to stability, this mirrors Osiris who I also think of as strength and relating to stability; so emotions and mind are reinforcing each other with a need to apply both and keep the two balanced.

The penultimate position is Horus, reversed. Uh-oh! In the Cartouche system that inspired these stones, Horus is a card of health and healing, and also relates to popularity and creative arts (akin to the Greek Apollo). In health terms, I have to look back at Sirius reversed, and wonder if there is a warning of some health issue here that could stem from, or impact, work. Perhaps I will also need to change my thinking modes as described above, which means doing less of the creative types of work that I enjoy. Something to ponder as well as watch.

Finally, Hathor ends the spread in the position of earth, which is our material plane as opposed to the element. I don’t have a good grasp on this symbol yet, but I would describe it as domestic life as well as avoidance of evil. The former comes from the Cartouche oracle system and Hathor, while the latter comes from Hathor’s symbol itself, the Mirror of Hathor: a two-sided bronze mirror, one side being lightly scoured to reflect evil. I believe my domestic life will also impact work, and is certainly important to me, so will likely affect decisions I make regarding work. It’s a positive symbol, so it looks like I’ll be able to maintain domestic bliss. 🙂

These Egyptian oracle stones are a pretty nice little system. While I love the art style of the Cartouche cards, there is something very satisfying with the tactile aspect of these stones. Of course the fact that I made them myself gives them a little more personality for me. I even have ideas on slight improvements for the next set; as well as another color of stone.

At some point I’d like to post with the Cartouche cards themselves, so you can all see what they look like if you don’t know them. They’re rather large in the edition I have; and I admit to being afraid of damage, given their rarity. But they won’t do any good just stuck on a shelf.

Overall, this is an encouraging reading, although I think the warning to be even-keeled and monitor my health is very clear. If you have other thoughts, feel free to share in the comments.


*The symbols of the Twins, in the Cartouche oracle cards and these stones, is particularly easy to relate to some other divination systems. It has shades of the Lenormand Ring, so could be about partnerships and contracts. With the tarot trumps, it is almost a “no-brainer” to relate the Twins to The Lovers. In runes, the partnership of Gebo would make good sense. And in geomancy, I’d go with the joining principle of Cunjunctio. I wanted to mention these, for those of you who know other systems and might wonder how the Cartouche relates, contrasts or compares.