Although I’ve never been interested in kippers in general, I’ve always liked the Mystical Kipper illustrated by Urban Trösch. The False Person who looks like a female vampire; the Bereavement card that reminds me of Edward Gorey’s art; and the charming feel of the warmly lit, Victorian House; these all stand out to me. When I saw the Mystical Kipper in a local store a few months ago, I “grabbed while the grabbing was good.”

When I got them home and looked through the deck, I liked the artwork but wasn’t moved to read with it. The “people decks” like kippers and sibillas never appealed to me, as the abundance of people cards seemed too much of a crowd. I always thought the Lenormand seemed more balanced. So I set this deck aside.

I made efforts to clean out some of my card collection over the weekend and decided to give the Mystical Kipper an honest try. I used seven cards as a chakra reading, to see what’s going on in the areas of life as related to the seven chakras. I used a linear layout from left to right; so the first card on the left is the base chakra, the second card is the second or sacral chakra, and so on.

chakra_reading_20141109Click for enlarged view.
Chakra reading with left as base chakra; Mystical Kipper.

My first impression wasn’t great. Prison, Bereavement and Short Illness stood out as three negative cards which were hard to ignore!

1. Expection: Waiting for something, as expressed through one’s grounding or base. I can relate to that. I have a tendency to look towards the future. This card can reflect that I’m not as grounded as I perhaps need to be at this time. Also, I’ve been assessing my career and don’t have a specific vision for where I want to go; so there’s a bit of this card there. Finally, I recently realized that I want to clean out clutter and junk from my home, but haven’t had the time to start yet: another item waiting for action.

2. His Thoughts: I’m going to say my thoughts, or my mental life, in the area of natural emotion or instinct. I do tend to heavily analyze things — you’d think I was a Virgo rather than a Libra! — and I’m sure this overrides instinct more often than not. Then again, there are times when I know I make decisions based on snap judgement or “gut reactions.” I suspect the thinking process wins out, though.

3. Hope. Big Water: Hope and dreams, improvements; in the seat of one’s power. This ties into what I wrote about waiting patterns in the first chakra position. Maybe too much of my personal power is spent in the future rather than in the present. I’ve been working to become more assertive at work this year, and was recently pondering how I’d improved in that regard. This card reflects that aspect.

4. Prison: Constriction in the area of the heart and feelings towards others. Yuck! High blood pressure runs in my family so this was worrying to see, although I wasn’t specifically looking at a physical perspective. Do I keep my emotions too bottled up? Hmm… sometimes yes, sometimes not. I’m definitely a reserved person, and not the “touchy-feely” type. Is it too much so? I never thought so. I am rather guarded when it comes to others until I get to know them, so you won’t catch me singing rude songs or doing cartwheels with a relative stranger. Come to think of it, I can’t do cartwheels at all!

5. Bereavement: Sadness or loss in the area of the throat, relation to communication and expression. Do I not speak out enough? Sometimes, I’m sure that’s the case; but often enough to be a problem? I’m not sure what to make of this one. If I hold my feelings in according to Prison, then it would also make sense to see problems with this throat area by not communicating. One other thought that ties 4 and 5 together: I received some news that a family member has a potentially serious health problem. When visiting the family (later during the day that I did this reading) we did not discuss it at all, because it was a birthday celebration.

6. Meetings: Happiness or communication in the area of the “third eye.” I’ve been exercising and exploring my mental and imaginative abilities lately, including what some would call clairvoyance. In less mystical or mental settings, I’ve also been working on being more imaginative at work. (My last job contributed to stamping out what was once a large font of creativity on my part.) Seeing this card tells me I’m on the right path, and studying or practicing the right things in my mental arena. It’s funny, I always wanted to be a “vision guy” and provide fantastic ideas. Maybe I’m in the right place nowadays for that to happen.

7. Short Illness: Overall, some unpleasantness that will pass. I was looking at this card to tie everything together. It indicates that anything negative should soon move on, provided I take care of myself or the problems indicated. It’s also a card that hints at taking a time-out. I could definitely use one of those! (Who couldn’t?) So I should look to the problem areas indicated in this spread and take care of anything I find, which would allow me to avoid any serious issues.

An interesting reading with the Mystical Kipper, I thought. What do you think? And do you use these cards? Let me know in the comments!