On Saturday I had the opportunity to do a quick predictive reading with same-day confirmation. I wondered whether my partner would work his on-call shift at his part-time job, so I whipped out my trusty Lo Scarabeo Tarot deck to ask that question. As usual, I focused on the question and let my mind calm while shuffling the cards until I felt they didn’t need to be shuffled anymore. I had decided on a three-card spread, and this was the result:

20141123-will-he-work-today3 of Cups, Chariot, 8 of Swords (Lo Scarabeo Tarot)
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For those who aren’t familiar, on-call means an employee is scheduled for a certain shift and must be available to work, but may not have to work. The employee calls in before the scheduled time to determine whether the business needs him. It’s common in retail and restaurants here in the US.

My first impression on looking at these cards was “yes,” largely predicated on the 3 of Cups as a positive or affirmative card. Breaking it down further I saw a linear flow of time. The 3 of Cups shows a good time, and I knew my partner was enjoying his morning. He had even commented that while he would be glad to have the extra hours by working, he wouldn’t mind having the day off to relax.

The next card was the Chariot, which I often reference as a car or driving. Maybe he’d be going somewhere? The last card, 8 of Swords, shows someone who appears trapped — the opposite of the carefree ladies on the first card! I interpreted this flow as going from somewhere enjoyable to somewhere confined. In context, then, my interpretation suggested to me that my partner would indeed be asked to work his on-call shift.

I did this reading at 9:45am and wrote the time plus a message on a piece of paper: “The cards say you’ll work today.” I kept quiet about my reading, since it wasn’t asked for. The call-in time was 1pm. When we were both home from our respective errands around 1:30pm, my partner told me he had to work. I grinned and showed him my note from the morning.

Yes, that was slightly dramatic, but oh well — it was fun! He just shook his head at me, and I laughed.

A short and sweet reading, then. How about you? Would you have interpreted these cards differently? Do you ever do similar quick readings for same-day feedback, or which proved useful? Let me know in the comments!