Although you are seeing this post on a Tuesday, it reflects a reading from Sunday. I’ve experienced and posted enough readings that reflect accurate results in terms of the situation, I think it’s also important to show the readings gone wrong.(Forget Girls Gone Wild videos, let’s get those crazy cards filmed as Readings Gone Wrong!)

I ordered something from and was surprised to see an option for Sunday delivery. I thought I’d go ahead and order, and see how that worked. (It’s been rolled out in various cities, but I hadn’t seen it until now.) Although the delivery estimate was Sunday by 8m, when I didn’t receive my package in the early afternoon, I began to wonder if it would show up. Will my package arrive today? Time to consult the cards!

20141123_package-arrive-todayWorld – 3 of Coins (Lo Scarabeo Tarot)

I used a practical version of the tree of life spread in which ten cards give an overview of the situation. The final card is the answer or outcome, and the other cards show the whole story — they are the how or why for that final card’s message. To answer my question quickly, I looked at the last card for the answer; and I like to look at the second-to-last card which kind of gives birth to that last card. I also set a mental agreement to read any success card as a “yes” answer, which I believe some people call “programming the cards.”

The answer card was the 3 of Pentacles. This seemed positive to me. It was preceeded by the World, which also seemed pretty good. It looked to me like the travels of my package would result in a positive material event; in other words, my package would arrive that day! Of course, with this posts’ setup, you must realize that I did not receive my package on the Sunday delivery date. So what went wrong? Let’s review my process.

Intention is key, and focus comes after intention. I believe I started the reading process reasonably focused, quietening my mind enough to shuffle without anything but the question in mind. I shuffled the way I usually do, until I felt it was time to stop; although I did notice that the cards weren’t as heavy as they often feel for me. (A heavy feel is my signal to stop shuffling.) My question was specific, about whether I would receive my package that day, so I think that was good.

Looking at these cards now, I see that the 3 of Coins is a low-ranking card; and low-ranking cards can be far from manifesting in the way I read. In other words, the Ace hasn’t even begun, while the 10 is completion. So this low-ranking 3 may indicate progress and is a positive card, but isn’t a strong success as I had read it. It can be a foundational card, which could be read as things are in place but it isn’t a final completion.

The World as the 9th position is interesting. On it’s own it’s a success or completion card; and it can also indicate travel for me. Yet it’s not the outcome here, it leads to the outcome. That means success is in place but isn’t ready to manifest yet. Or alternately, travels are leading to a foundation but not to a completion. To use a known phrase: it’s putting the cart before the horse!

In summary, while these cards are reasonably positive, I can see where they don’t meet the success criteria I was looking for. There is always the chance I wasn’t focused enough, too. Reviewing where I went wrong here is helpful for me, and I hope it is helpful for some of you.

How would you have read these two cards in this context? Or would you like to share a short Readings Gone Wrong anecdote? Is this sort of analysis helpful to see? Let me know in the comments.