12_dummersTwelve Drummers Drumming: Sometimes the cards bang on that drum until our thick heads get the idea.

I tried to come up with a catchier title for this post, but maybe being straightforward is the way to go. After all, our cards can be very straightforward when we read on topics that challenge us, or about situations that we have some kind of investment in. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause reading you don’t want to believe!


Most often that investment is emotional. We want to believe that good things are going to happen to us. That the guy or girl of our (current) dreams likes us, that our job or source of primary income is going to be stable and that we are going to win the lottery after we find a purple-horned, green-sock-wearing unicorn. Well, maybe not the last part!

So if we’re in a bind and turn to the cards, it can be hard to stay emotionally or mentally neutral to understand a reading, and even harder to accept an obvious message. If I’m really worked up about something, I generally won’t even bother with the cards, because I probably have the fight-or-flight response going to some degree. Or at least I’m agitated enough that sitting still is not going to happen (without a glass of wine, anyway).

Doing or receiving readings sometimes means there will be messages we don’t want to see or aren’t ready to believe. It’s like the good friend whose romantic partner is cheating. Everybody knows it except your friend, and no matter how many times people tactfully point it out, your friend isn’t going to believe until personal experience thrusts the offense in his or her face.

Readings in general can be like that. For example, when I decided to leave a job of ten years for a new company, I got a very enthusiastic tarot reading from someone which promised me career growth and lots of learning. I couldn’t blindly accept that as reason to move jobs, but move I did, and it’s come true in ways I would never have forseen at that time. (Thanks, Kimberly!) It wasn’t that I didn’t want to believe those things, but I lacked the frame of reference for what eventually happened.

More in keeping with the subject are the readings that prompted this post. A few months ago my company did a reorganization of their IT department, and I was both nervous and unhappy about the state of affairs at that time. I considered changing my job focus and role, and did three readings looking ahead by one year and five years. One of these readings about making a change is shown below, using the Wildwood Tarot.

2014_Work_changeTitleCareer focus change? (Wildwood Tarot.) Click to see the full 10-card reading.

Without going into the full reading, you can probably tell from the last two cards alone that making the change would be painful at best and a bad idea at worst. The rest of the cards helped bring this reading down, and all combined the readings gave me the idea that not changing my job role would be for the best despite any challenges.

I didn’t believe these cards; didn’t want to believe them. I wanted to maintain control over my job and my career, and I wanted to do some fast maneuvering so I could get out of an uncomfortable situation of unknowns and into something stable that I hoped would benefit me. I had ideas, darn it, and I wanted to do something with them!

Now, with some time and the reorganization itself behind me, I can already see where those readings were right in their message. My career role is shifting in a way that I couldn’t have forseen, by moving into a new area of learning and eventual expertise. That could have been closed to me had I acted impulsively.

I can’t say I decided to hold steady just because of these readings, because they were readings I didn’t (want to) believe. However, they factored into my thought process, and increased my personal lore of how readings can work best for me.

Sometimes we have to accept that we will see things in card readings that don’t make sense, or that we don’t want to believe. Sometimes we will be right to do so, as the reader — ourselves or another — may be wrong in interpreting the cards. But if we or our reader are experienced, then it may be wise to take heed of what the cards say. Remember that they have a message to impart and it’s presumably something we need to know.