Time to continue the gridding of a card. In my previous post, I started exploring this technique for reading a single card using an imaginary grid to provide a timeline. I used the Gods and Titans Oracle cards, and drew the card depicting Helios in answer to my question: Show me what I need to focus on at work this upcoming week.


I read a basic overview of the situation based on where the main figure of Helios fell within the grid. Please go back to Part 1 if you missed it. Otherwise let’s continue.


Time to review the past column on the left. My first impression is that it’s a barren area. There is a mountain in the background, and a horn from the steed’s helmet points forward, albeit towards the past. The steed’s right ear and wing are also here. (Click image for a larger view.)


Putting it together, I’d say the past was relatively barren, and my job was stable. (Too stable?) I was being driven by my right-brain urges while looking to a mythical past. I say “being driven” because the horse is here and Helios is not, which implies the horse has the lead. The horn makes me think of offense being a good defense, such as leading by falling back upon what I already know and being pushy about it.

Is all of that true? There was a certain level of stability and comfort until the end-of-year reorganization and the introduction of new business styles. I don’t think I live in the past, but it certainly influences my present. I’m a creature of habit, for sure! Because I have a lot of experience — shown by the earthy realm of the mountain — I like to do things in certain ways. I already believe my right-brain creativity would like more expression at work.



The present is the central column. (Click image for a larger view.) The main portion of the horse is here, looking ready for action. I see the sun brand on the horse’s left shoulder, which is a larger version of the tattoo on Helios’ left shoulder — a link from present to future. Helios has one hand visible here. The horse’s left side is clearly dominant.

I could interpret the above as me being on edge, and taking a logical and sequential approach to work, in contrast with what I have done in the past. I’m still looking to live in the past — relive past glories at work? I’d like to think that is not the case, but it’s nice to build on past success. Again I’m reminded of being left-brained. That’s not a bad thing; in my chosen computer-based (IT) profession, it’s often a necessity. However, I’m getting the impression from this card that I need to look hard at new ways to go about my job.


Finally, we have the future, which I previously examined as an overview because that is where Helios sits in this image. (Click image for a larger view.)


I’ve already talked about Helios. I can now observe the mountain range, which is at a lower point than in the past, suggesting that obstacles will be lessened in the upcoming week (going back to the question). I can see a portion of the steed’s belly and powerful haunch — action will be necessary to avoid vulnerability. Here is the bulk of the steed’s wing, telling me to fly free. What does that mean in practical terms?

Combined with the elements I have explored in this section of the card, it points at taking action and getting above potential obstacles. Flying could be an analogy for that favorite business phrase, “thinking outside of the box,” which means to look for unexpected solutions. Like Helios, I will be in charge, despite any feelings of anxiety. (Remember Helios’ facial expression?)


In summary, It looks like the past stability is going to get a shakeup, some of which will be felt in the upcoming work week. I can be right-brained where I don’t take advantage of it; suppressing it in favor of being analytical and plowing forward. With more efforts at guiding those mental reigns, I can avoid being vulnerable but action will be required. My past experience is going to be important, but I have to build on it and come up with something new.

Follow-up Readings

And there you have it, a one-card, grid-based reading. I could go deeper and look in more depth at the images on this card. Even better, I could do a series of short, pointed readings about specific scenarios or approaches I might want to consider for things I expect to happen at work, this week or (more likely) beyond. Instead of just thinking to myself, “boy, I need to explore this in a right-brained and creative fashion,” I could do readings to ask various questions of interest:

  • How will I get along with the new contractor?
  • What is my biggest vulnerability at work at this time? (To help plan for mitigation.)
  • Is _____ going to impact me? (This would look at a source of the anxiety hinted at by Helios.)
  • Is _____ going to help me with X project?
  • What is my biggest strength to utilize this week? (More insight from the past.)

I could come up with more questions and I’ll bet you could, too. The goal would be explore further based on my actual circumstances. I’d also prefer to get more useful readings by not limiting myself to just the week ahead.

frenchcartomancy_34_fish frenchcartomancy_31_sun frenchcartomancy_33_key

Positive opportunities for success

For those of you who like the Lenormand, that would be a very useful tool for doing followup readings quickly. You could get an initial overview with this technique and some kind of oracle deck, and then follow up to get answers to mundane questions like the above. I’d use the “no-layout” technique as per Sylvie Steinbach; but doing a line of three or five cards in any way that allows quick answers would work. Of course, tarotists who are comfortable reading about mundane topics can use yes-or-no readings such as the tree of life or the five-card line per Susyn Blair-Hunt, both of which have examples on this blog.

I hope this technique gives you some ideas to play with. Have you used a similar grid technique to read a card? Maybe you’ve tried it after reading these articles? Please share your experiences or tips in the comments!