I got the Celtic Lenormand oracle deck today. I had been on the fence about this one for a while, while seeing it in-progress at the creator’s blog. I’m not a big fan of the myriad of themed and art-heavy Lenormand decks; but I’m not immune to any new deck that I find attractive, readable and resonant with my personal interests or taste. The Celtic Lenormand does target that area for me, with its Celtic theme and art by Will Worthington (whose illustrations of the Wildwood Tarot read particularly well for me).


Ring – Clouds – Book – Dog – Snake

The artwork on these cards “pops,” and I find the Lenormand symbols readily identifiable — always important for me with Lenormand. The Ring seems depicted as a handfasting, and these cards are otherwise typical Lenormand fare.

My specific question was: How will this deck work for me as an oracular tool?

This seems a fairly straightforward reading, with the Book in the center, depicting knowledge and secrets… secrets to be uncovered when I read these cards? Perhaps! I dislike the Snake there at the end of the line.

Put simply, my partnership (Ring) with this deck will get me past any uncertainties (Clouds) and expose the unknown (Book), as a trusted friend or confidante (Dog); although I will need to look out for twists, likely in the form of hard-to-accept answers (Snake). In other words, this deck will reliably dig into the situations I read about but I might not like the answers!

This deck does include extra alternate cards, and has a pagan theme as might be guessed from the handfasting Ring above. I’m sure it will be interesting to read about all this in the companion booklet, but for my purposes, I removed the extra cards as I’m still reading it as a “vanilla Lenormand” deck.

What do you see in these cards? Let me know in the comments.