I wanted to try out my recently acquired Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards.


This deck is created and published by an artist who goes by the name of Lightstar online, and can be purchased from her website. The deck comes out of the New Age and ascension paradigms, and perhaps reflects some of the creator’s immersion in the Sedona community. I bought it because I like visionary art and “painting with light” style, which was very appealing when I saw it online. (Also: see this guy’s art.)

The Deck

This is a lovely deck to my eyes. I’m surprised it doesn’t get more attention on the larger online communities that generally gravitate to shiny and detailed styles of oracle cards. There’s a vibrancy and luminescence to the artwork, with colors that pop and feel very harmonious. It’s primarily a fantasy style.

Besides the style of the art, I like the fact that although it has a female’s touch, it is not an exclusively feminine deck. So many oracle decks are designed by, and for, women. That can mean lots of cuddly and delicate creatures, pastel colors, young girls or girl-like beings, gossamer, wispy pink clouds and nary a male in sight. I feel that this deck is more even in nature. Although it features a lot of females it feels balanced between the masculine and feminine aspects with its overall image compositions, which I think is approachable to the guys as well as the gals.

It also includes chakra cards, called portals in this deck for reasons the author explains in the included mini-book. I can only think of one deck I own that includes chakra-based cards, and it’s one I never seem to use. But I like the idea of chakra cards. I know I could map them to almost any deck, particularly the tarot, but it’s nice when they are available on their own.

The Reading

I asked the cards to show me the energies around my fledgling business venture, which is basically an idea I’m prototyping to test the waters and see if it has any potential; not to mention motivation on my part. The cards were interesting, as the core pair delivered an unexpected message.

mdo_bus_reading1aMagical Dimensions Oracle Cards reading. Click to see larger image.

At the center, the Guardians crossed by Harmonic Resolution show the core of the matter. Frankly, this is more negative than I expected! The central card’s keywords are, “Shielding. Defense. Warning.” The crossing card’s keywords are, “Negativity. Anger. Transmutation.” I haven’t shared this idea with anyone yet, and based on this I’d be cautious of doing so without being mentally prepared for criticism or worse. I think this is also a message to avoid self-criticism or holding myself up to impossible standards; and possibly that my idea needs a bit more work. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree and need to transmute my idea? This already suggests more topics for follow-up readings, which people are (or should be) doing in practice, but I don’t see discussed often in blog posts or many forums.*

Interestingly, the east/air position is Trust (which reminds me of the Gill Tarot, for those who know that deck). This is almost an opposite of the above paragraph, and suggests to be confident in my ideas and my message. I think the keyword of patience is important here; and I get a sense of persistence being necessary.

The south/air position is Breakthrough. How promising to think about a new beginning in the area of creativity! While breakthrough can happen, they often come after — or require — “elbow grease”. So rather than coast along, I need to think about my idea and watch for something that could really carry me forward. To use a phrase from gaming, I’m going to need to level up.

The west/water position is Destiny. Notably keywords are, “Passion. Service.” Passion is interesting to see in a position involving emotions, as there is a resonance between them. My idea started with providing a service, so that has relevance. I think this is echoing that I’m on the right track, as I am driven by something that I can be, well, passionate about.

The north/earth position is Exiled. Yikes! An illusion of separation? Perhaps I am ignoring the social aspects related to my idea right now. I’m definitely working alone at this time. It’s like this card is echoing the central pair — they talk to me about my idea being protected while I nurture it, and this card is talking about the separation from others. Yet I’m interested in feedback from some people I trust. I just haven’t reached a point where I want to do that. I have some other thoughts here but they’re a bit more private.

Regarding the north/earth card, I also think it’s useful to ponder self readings like this for a couple of days and see what comes up. When you’re doing a reading that isn’t immediately obvious, it can hit later in time. I also think that this might indicate a blind spot on my part.


That is a basic reading to showcase the Magical Dimensions Oracle cards. They are lovely, vibrant cards with fantasy style images. There is only one card in the deck that I dislike, and that’s because it’s a bit sci-fi for my taste but I can work with it. This is a deck I hope to keep in active rotation for my readings.

Do you use this deck? Do you like this style of art, or is it not your cup of tea? Do you have a deck that includes chakra cards and fine them useful? Hit me up in the comments.


*I think that is one reason why people like Lenormand cards nowadays. The full-deck layout commonly known as the Grand Tableau can potentially answer all questions a reader has, and only needs to be spread out once. The drawbacks are that it can take some time to review, and I think that kind of analysis requires much experience plus well-honed intuition to read that way. So multiple spreads of shorter questions have some advantages.