Here is a reading using a deck I like but never use: The Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Taylor. (Who, incidentally, lives in a neighboring city to me.) If you aren’t familiar with the deck, it is based on tarot-inspired images that the author has stated are part of her clairvoyant vocabulary during her reading and coaching sessions.

This spread that I call “Here and Now” can be thought of as a GPS for taking a quick look at where I’m going and what I need to avoid. I’m using it as a daily reading here.


DailyGPS-Apr-12-2016Energy Oracle Cards reading; click for full size image

More of (top left):

This is what I need to do or bring more of, and the card here is Action. Apparently I need to take more action. This contrasts with…

 Less of (top right):

This is what I need to do less, and this reading shows the card Door to Spirit. I think this card contrasts with the prior because to me, action is concrete; something that has to take place in the present time. Door to Spirit feels a bit “airy-fairy,” and while it spiritual activity can involve action, I think this card is telling me now is the time to avoid spirit and be grounded. This is especially interesting to me, as I’ve felt neglectful lately of my spiritual life due to the many things going on.

Head Toward (bottom left):

This is what to gravitate toward. Whereas More of (above) suggests what I can do — in GPS terms, it’s a destination or a specific route to a destination — Head Toward is more opportunistic. It’s the points of interest along my route, using the GPS analogy. In this reading, the card is Indecision… say what?!

And here I have a reading tip for you. When I did this reading this morning, I laughed aloud because I thought this card was titled Decision, which seemed like a good pairing with Action. Make decisions and act on them, right? It’s only while reviewing the reading to type this that I realize the card was Inaction. So what’s correct? It all comes down to intuition, and I think all readers have done readings where they misread a card. Yet it turns out that the misread card was totally appropriate for the reading. I’ve certainly acted and made a couple of work-related decisions when opportunities came up today. So I will stick with my misread card.

Avoid (bottom right):

This is what to avoid. It’s another cousin to Less of. In GPS terms, it’s the road hazards or traffic jams to bypass when they show up. In this case, it’s the Sun, which this deck describes as a card of creative opportunities and success. I looked it up, in fact, because seeing such a positive card in the position of things to watch out for really surprised me. Perhaps it was a warning not to rest on my laurels. I came to my job today with some work I’d done yesterday. However, I was able to creatively take it one step further and after a few hours, I had something that was even better as a result. I was also able to demo it to my team and my boss, all of whom were impressed.

All in all, it’s been an interesting and good day, and I wonder where my next “carto-GPS” will direct me.