Here is a reading using (yet) another deck I like but rarely use: the Tarot d’Eltynne. The Tarot d’Eltynne is an updated version of the cruder looking, but presumably competent, Oracle Belline. I learned about d’Eltynne a few years ago, from Chanah who ran The Freaky Fortuneteller.

There was not, and still isn’t, much information on the Belline in English but the deck seems popular among French speakers. There has been more interest in this deck with the popularity surge of the Petit Lenormand, since the Belline has indirect links between its creator and Mlle Lenormand. The cards can be read like Lenormand, but also hold a depth of individual meanings in their own right, and are associated with planets for added nuance.

This spread that I call “Here and Now” can be thought of as a carto-GPS for taking a quick look at where I’m going and what I need to avoid. This was a daily reading for last Wednesday. I wanted general advice, and had a challenging meeting at work that day. I was concerned because the host is challenging to work with. (Those of you not in the corporate world may not understand the dread that meetings can inspire, but trust me, they can be stressful!) I also drew a card from the Angel Prayers Oracle Deck for specific advice.



Tarot d’Eltynne reading; click for full size image

More of (top left):

This is what I need to do or bring more of, and the card here is Happiness. I laugh seeing this now; this was a message of, “Don’t worry! Be happy!” (To quote a song.) It seems like I shouldn’t be looking for problems, and should take it easy by looking at the positive side of things. Let’s see how this compares or contrasts with…

Less of (top right):

This is what I need to do less, and this reading shows Nastiness. What a deliciously creepy image! This is an opposite of Happiness in meaning, and indicates that I need to avoid any backstabbers (uh oh!) or plotters. It also emphasizes looking for the positive in the prior card. Perhaps this is easier said than done; by their nature, people out to do harm like this sneaky guy are harder to see coming. But the combination felt reassuring to me.

Head Toward (bottom left):

This is what to gravitate toward. Whereas More of (above) suggests what I can do — in GPS terms, it’s a destination or a specific route to a destination — Head Toward is more opportunistic. It’s the points of interest along my route, using the GPS analogy. In this reading, the card is Wisdom.

This owl knows his stuff. No doubt he is wise through life experience. I need to fall back on that inner wisdom and life experience I have. This is applicable for my dreaded meeting, if I remember that I was invited to that meeting specifically to share my knowledge and expertise on a topic, which is actually a compliment.

Avoid (bottom right):

This is what to avoid. It’s another cousin to Less of. In GPS terms, it’s the road hazards or traffic jams to bypass when they show up. In this case, it’s the odd Blue Card, which I usually pull from the deck. I understand that this is a lucky card and one that some folks carry it as a talisman or good luck charm. In this case, I interpreted it as no particular metaphysical road hazards to avoid that day.

If you look at the planet glyphs on the cards, you’ll note that More of and Toward  are both rules by Jupiter. This gives both of them the positive expansive feel. The malefic Mars rules the Less of card here; but it is outnumbered by Jupiter and the Blue card.

Extra Advice

I wanted a bit of advice for how to make my meeting a success — or at least not a disaster — so I also asked Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers Oracle Deck (original edition) for an advice card. I received Uriel, one of my favorite images.


Uriel is shown here bearing light. This image is very solar, and reinforces the Happiness card above, I thought. I felt my advice was to be confident and remember that I was in that meeting to share myself; so I should be positive and do just that.

My day and my meeting went well. The meeting itself was productive, and in retrospect I feel like I worried for nothing. Of course, it no doubt helped that I had these reminders to be positive and “shine my light!”

I wonder where my next “carto-GPS” will direct me?