Today I am doing a Here and Now reading — my carto-GPS — with my just-arrived Thelema Tarot by Renata Lechner. This is a dreamy looking and reasonably attractive deck, with a handful of standout cards at first glance. My main complaint is that it’s cut poorly, and the top left corner is almost sharp. In person, it looks like all of the cards are pointing to the top left.


This spread that I call “Here and Now” can be thought of as a GPS for taking a quick look at where I’m going and what I need to avoid. While I’ve showed daily readings with it so far, today I wanted to demonstrate it applied to a specific topic. Wanting something short, meaningful and that I could talk about freely, I chose this blog as the topic. What direction should* I take for this blog?


Thelema Tarot reading; click for full size image

More of (top left):

This is what I need to do or bring more of, and the card here is Star. To me, this is a card of inspiration; looking to the stars for ideas. I apparently need more inspiration. This position doesn’t automatically have a negative connotation, by the way: “more of” could mean more of something a person already has. The Star could even be taken literally: get a star — a well-known personality — involved. Coincidentally I have been feeling a bit more inspired lately, so this card reinforces that I’m on the right track and should bring more of that to the table.

 Less of (top right):

This is what I need to do less, and this reading shows The Hermit. I am thinking of two things with this card, as related to my blog. My first reaction was that I need to stop being a hermit in a literal sense, and write more. Fair enough. My second reaction was to get someone else involved. I discounted this immediately because my blogging tends to be a solo endeavor, but that tells me that maybe I need to look harder at the idea of bringing in someone, or how I might work with someone else to develop ideas. Intriguing!

Head Toward (bottom left):

This is what to gravitate toward. Whereas More of (above) suggests what I can do — in GPS terms, it’s a destination or a specific route to a destination — Head Toward is more opportunistic. It’s the points of interest along my route, using the GPS analogy. In this reading, the card is The Tower. Oh no! … or, maybe not?

Most people dislike seeing The Tower. Head toward destruction? Well, had this card appeared as More of, it could have been a message to consider whether it was time to dismantle the blog. Here, I see it as more of a message to shake things up. Drastically, even. Watch for things that shift paradigms or break with tradition, and focus the blog there. Easier said than done; but that’s also why it’s something to gravitate toward when I see it!

Avoid (bottom right):

This is what to avoid. It’s another cousin to Less of. In GPS terms, it’s the road hazards or traffic jams to bypass when they show up. Here it’s the 2 of Cups. Which seems like it opposes the partnership ideas I got from the Hermit, doesn’t it? So I can rule out some meanings for the Hermit, and I’m gong to stick with the first thing I wrote: be less of a literary Hermit and be “out here” more.

When you do readings, your thought processes may work similarly, which is why I have illustrated mine as an example. You’ll see a card and, thanks to neighboring card(s), it will shift the focus to a specific meaning. It can happen in an instant. You’ll hear a lot about how tarot cards all have a world of meaning, the majors are heavyweight grand poohbahs, blah blah blah… yet you can see here, that it was pretty easy to settle on a possible meaning for The Hermit, and direct or confirm a specific meaning from a nearby and related card. In a reading that may happen in a flash, or it may strike you as you are talking through a reading. Welcome to your intuition at work!

Despite my joking about the major cards, it is worth noting that I have three of them here. Should they make my reading pack a bigger punch? Somehow, I don’t feel it. My logical self says it’s the first use of a new deck, so maybe they weren’t shuffled well. (I “break” the deck by making seven piles and then shuffling, so they are actually well mixed). My intuitive self says it’s a roadmap of my blog, and these don’t “feel” like they really weigh heavier. So I’m going to say the majors don’t add weight to this particular reading.

And there you have it, the Here and Now showing some direction options for my blog.

*Although I wrote this as a “should” question, I’m not expecting the cards to make a decision for me. The spirit of the question is akin to the GPS analogy. If I have a map and I’m looking for a route forward, a GPS can show me possible routes and things available nearby or along the way, which might change my route.