I am doing a test run with the Greenwood Tarot, and wanted to see how it would answer the question: what kind of energies will surround Trump (and by extension the United States) for the rest of 2017? I used the modified Tree of Life spread I learned from Josephine McCarthy.

First Triad – Root

The root of this spread is the 7 of Cups (Mourning), a definite vibe of sorrow and things lost, and a very death-o-matic vibe. The next two cards seem interesting as they have some correlations on either side of the Tree here, with the right being a positive aspect and the left showing negative aspect. The King of Cups (Reindeer) is a male-female polarity card, and it is referring to the powerful reindeer, both rutting for dominance and to the fact that (according to the guidebook) they eat mushrooms which are apparently visionary in nature. Opposite we  have the Lovers, another card of male-female polarity and a very energetic card with sexual undertones to my eye. Altogether, I get a sense of power and posturing while there is a balance of masculine and feminine energies or aspects, all stemming from a deep seated loss (of innocence?). This makes sense if I consider Trump’s blustering and aggressive nature, in business and now in politics. Except for Invanka, his daughter, I don’t see much evidence of valuing women. (Even the First Lady seems strangely absent from the news.)

Second Triad and Focal Point

We start to see how this plays out in the next two cards: Death and Judgement. In this reading, Death is what we’ll get. Is it the tarot reader’s old saw of “don’t worry, it’s change and transformation;” or will there be loss of life? My gut impression was actual death, but it’s hard not to go that direction looking at this card not to mention the state of the world in general right now. Considering the card across the Tree, Judgement (something lacking in this position), it seems there is not going to be real consideration nor second chances. Things are going to happen and that’s that. Death followed by Judgement (at least in traditional tarot) would feel more like a second chance. Here I feel like things will be meted out without a revival; you reap what you sow. Or what Trump sows.

At the focal point of the spread we come to the Queen of Wands (Hare) — a third card with some sexual undertones, given the hare’s reproductive qualities! Interesting to see it as the focal point of the spread. I don’t see anything nurturing about Trump, but could it indicate a female influence coming to the fore? That’s certainly possible. When I first looked at this spread, I had the feeling that these polarity cards (Queen, Lovers, King) were also indicating that Trump is acting out his sexual energies in his political role. Perhaps he’s like the artist, channeling the inspiration of his muse into his work.

Third Triad and Overall

Next up, the 6 of Cups (Reunion) is balanced by the Queen of Cups (Heron). We see meeting up with the past in the former; an emotional reunion, and falling back on old ways of doing things. The Heron is a mystical bird and card, as well as being a water card; which puts a mystical, emotional energy in a position about intellect and magical nature. I feel this card is visually emphasizing the Hare, which is turn is looking up to Death. I think there is going to be some cycling going on with events, leading to trouble as part of new growth. Culling may be needed before new growth but it isn’t always pleasant, is it.

6 of Arrows (Transition) is a challenging journey to the next step, and is the foundation for the ultimate result, which is 4 of Cups (Boredom). I think this indicates settling into inaction, and could it indicate Trump is dissatisfied with his new job? I wouldn’t think so, because it doesn’t seem boring; but maybe it’s not going to be the opportunity that he’d expected, leading to pondering greener grass on the other side of the proverbial fence.

Final Comments

Overall this is a water-heavy spread, so I think it will be an emotional year for Trump and the USA. I’ve already talked about the sexual/polarity cards. Mourning, Death and Judgement are also part of a theme. These cards are fairly understandable for a first reading using them. I’m sure there is some nuance here that I’m missing, and some of the cards (Mourning, or the animal courts) are a little harder to read out-of-box.

Do you have other thoughts on the cards in this reading? Let me know in the comments.