For all the fuss about the Greenwood Tarot being the Holy Grail of tarot decks, I don’t feel like there are many examples showing how it reads. Do people actually read with this deck if they’re fortunate enough to own it, or is it so rare that they don’t want to use it? Maybe because it’s been out of print so long (since 1996), people aren’t motivated to post about it? Maybe the current crop of bloggers don’t own it, and tend to focus on the shiny new decks? I’m not pointing fingers there, just pondering aloud.

A google search for Greenwood readings didn’t turn up much for me within the first several pages of results. Heck, there aren’t that many reviews out there. Maybe it’s really rare among the tarot readers who post on the web. Well, here is another reading to help rectify that situation.

My question was: What can I expect from the class I’m taking this week? I’m taking a work-related business class at Case Weatherhead, which is a well-known business school. I’m looking forward to the class, as they are usually entertaining as well as valuable for my daily life.

The first card is showing what I’m going into this class with, and it’s the Knight of Cups – Salmon. This seems very appropriate, as the salmon is the fish of wisdom, reputed to have searched for hazel nuts to eat. I’m like the knight, moving into new waters to learn some new wisdom. (Specifically, I’ll be learning strategies for bringing and managing change within an organization.)

What about the class itself? Eight of Arrows – Struggle. Uh-oh! This makes it sound like the class may be challenging in a way I don’t expect. This figure is using a cane or crutch and trying to walk across the icy ground while the winter storm rages. I don’t expect my class to be akin to that kind of difficulty, but it sounds like I may need to keep on my toes to make the most of the material.

And the last card shows me what I’m going to come out of this class with: Ace of Wands – Spark of Life. This image shows an old-fashioned fire stick; where a stick was rapidly twisted in a base with kindling to start a fire. This shows the potential for fire. I read this as coming out of the class all “fired up,” but very much as a nascent blaze: I’m going to need to fan this starter fire.

Overall, this seems like a straightforward reading, and I think the cards were understandable. The second card was unexpected but I’ll be sure to keep it in mind; make sure, perhaps, that I don’t catch myself wandering, and ask for clarification of anything that I don’t grasp.

Do you read with the deck, or know of some example readings out on the web? Do you have comments on this reading? Let me know in the comments!