I recently took a look at the influences surrounding President Trump for the rest of 2017. The central card, indicating a fiery, female influence in the Queen of Wands, was puzzling enough to me to warrant a follow-up reading.

I again used the Greenwood Tarot, but this time I asked for a description of the woman indicated by the Queen of Wands from the prior reading; and used the astrology or horoscope spread. This spread is a 12-position circle, where each position relates to one of the houses of astrology for meaning. I start the first house at the “9 o’clock” location on the left, then run counterclockwise around the circle. Combined we get a snapshot to describe the Queen of Wands. Let’s see what came up.

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1st House, self: Page of Stones. The wren seems small and innocent, and the page is a messenger of earth. Not what I’d expect for the primary self and character of a mover and a shaker who can influence the president! Looking at this with the next card, though —

2nd House, resources: 10 of Stones. This is a card of home and the happiness found therein. I can’t help but see the Page with the 10 as someone who is interested in growing her wealth and material security.

3rd House, neighbors and communication: 7 of Stones. This is one of my favorite cards in the deck, and it depicts a healing ceremony of some kind. Could it be that this woman recognizes the need to heal — our president, our country, our relationships with our neighbors on the world stage?  It seems rather positive; but then I look at the next card.

4th House, home, roots (and buried treasure in ye olden days!): 6 of Stones. Seeing a card showing the exploitation of resources here is not pleasant. It suggests the using of available resources without considering the future, for self or others, and is a card of tension.

Goodness there are a lot of Stones cards, aren’t there? Since some of you are no doubt wondering, I’ll mention that I believe the deck was shuffled well. I hadn’t put the cards in a sequence, and even if I had, I’d have done my usual “deck break” which involves dealing into seven piles before I start the shuffling process.

5th House, pleasure, creativity, children: 8 of Stones. This woman is beginning to look like someone with dollar signs in her eyes, and her pleasure comes from her skill at doing things. I am thinking at this point she enjoys her ability to manipulate things into her favor with financial results!

6th House, work, service, health: 3 of Stones. Taking creative approaches to her job and staying in the material realm. Not necessarily a bad thing, unless combined with many of these other cards which aren’t painting the most flattering picture.

7th House, partnerships and relationships: 2 of Stones. Not only another Stone, but one depicting hares as in the Queen of Wands that prompted this reading. That’s one of those things that make me feel like my reading is “on target,” whether or not I’m able to fully understand or prove it. (As much as anyone can prove a reading in progress!) These hares are jockeying for position. This shows a person whose idea of relationships is based on power; I can imagine this woman being brusque and using anything at her disposal to be in the top position in her one-on-one relationships. That includes the president, and I get a sense that she is likely to goad him into doing things by appealing to his well-known sense of competition and aggressive nature.

8th House, Death and Inheritance: The Moon. A darkly powerful trump in a darkly powerful house? This woman is sure to keep what she gets from Trump hidden from the public eye. Smoke and mirrors, we may not ever know what’s really going on. In any case, it also suggests the benefits come in cycles.

9th House, philosophy, law, god, higher education: The World Tree. Interesting, and I’m not quite sure how to read this Greenwood card, since I’m not familiar with it yet. In terms of the World from a more traditional tarot, this woman would seem to have everything wrapped up and “own the world,” at least as far as she’s concerned. In this case, the World Tree is a tree of power, at the center of everything and is as ladder through the worlds. This woman probably knows how to play the law to her advantage, and how to utilize words and thoughts to her benefit. Actually, as I write this, the thought really scares me because that could be a master manipulator who knows her way around propaganda.

10th House, career and honors: The Fool. I had to chuckle when I laid this card down, because it relates to this woman’s career and I really feel that this card shows how she sees Trump, or the role he takes in her life. Dare I say she sees him as a buffoon? Or if we are kind, she may see him as an innocent to be taken advantage of. I’m not sure which is worse…

11th House, friends, dreams: Balance. This card relates to Temperance in a traditional tarot deck. It could indicate that this woman’s goals will be balanced at the end of the day. I could ponder this one longer, as it feels out of place here, which makes me think I’m overlooking its significance. Perhaps its not something I can understand for being a situation out of my experience? Another way to think about this is as an outcome for the 5th house, so her skillful actions may ultimately be balanced in some way. Maybe she is able to enrich herself but her friends and community are likely to combat this tendency.

12th House, hidden enemies, prison, unconscious: The Pole Star. Usually when I read this position, I’m looking for warnings of something unexpected. In this case, it makes me think this woman is missing her direction in life; her inner compass is not accessible to her. Whereas some of us know what makes us tick, or we have ideas on where we are going in life; she is really missing the big picture. I’d say she acts on instinct and gravitates to material security.


Phew! So what do we have altogether? I see a woman who is immature in her role, but determined to use any resources and advantages she has to grow her own security. She likely uses aggressive tactics to achieve dominance in social interactions, and may not be above manipulating things to her advantage. She is hopefully balanced by her social circle in some respect; but she likely pulls the wool over Trump’s eyes. She acts without an internal compass to guide her, and focuses on material life as a result. A real material girl!

What do you think about this reading? Do you see the same descriptors, or others? Let me know in the comments!