Sorry to disappoint anyone who hoped this title meant I’d be speaking of gourmet delights paired with cards. Perhaps an earthy cheese with a Marseilles tarot, or finger foods with a Dondorf Lenormand? Cheesecake with a Waite-Smith tarot? Oh, the possibilities… but no, these are readings about avoiding too much food.

I’ve noticed a definite tendency to snack lately. And my fondness for sweets has increased. At a time when I want to eat better and lose a few pounds, this is annoying. Today I thought, why not ask the cards what I can do immediately to stop the mindless snacking? I pulled out a tarot and a Lenormand for this question.

Here’s a look with the gilded and gorgeous Renaissance Tarot by the (deceased) artist and author, Brian Williams.

Strength — Hermit — 9 of Coins

Hmm. That Hermit is eyeing a nicely built man who is wrestling a lion, while on his right there seems to be a triangle of attention among the coins. The Hermit is looking to the past as well. I get the sense to stop eyeing other men and making them my standard for how I should look, as well as stop looking to my past when it was easier to eat and not worry about weight or health. (In youth such things are sometimes shed effortlessly.)

From the 9 of Coins, I look at the center coin as my center, although it feels more like my solar plexus rather than stomach. With the figures I see it as reinforcing my sense of going around and around but getting nowhere creatively; and meanwhile my creative center is hemmed in.

In practical terms, then, this reading advises be to be here and now when it comes to my physique, and to address my creative blocks. This will address my need to snack mindlessly.

Hey, I didn’t ask the cards how to easily address my problem. Hah!

I opted to supplement this reading by seeing what the ASS Bilder Lenormand would advise on the same question.

Rider — Fox — Bouquet — Tower — Man
(Click image to view full size.)

Leap over the dining fox and pick the flowers. Get above myself.

More prosaically, stop dwelling on the attraction of eating and get a sense of perspective because really, I’m in charge of myself.

That’s interesting, because these cards remind me not to turn my appreciation for “gustatory delights” into something that I have to be sneaky about, or lock away in a tower. Rather accept that it’s okay to eat as long as I don’t let it get the best of me.

For anyone who wonders, I don’t have a bad relationship with food or anything like that. I just snack too much lately, and I suspect a lot of that is what’s often labeled emotional eating. And in my case, that stems sometimes from frustrations at work, and other times with my current struggles with personal creative projects.

These two readings remind me to be in the present and not turn this into a struggle or something that is an entity on its own. Rather, focus on my creative efforts — which could use some readings of their own! — and these cravings will work themselves out.

… Maybe. I love my ice-cream in the summer!

Also, the Rider makes me think of being a little more physically active, but while being respectful of my knees. (I do have to be careful with one of my knees as it gets sore easily.)

Have any other thoughts on these cards? Hit me up in the comments!