Here is a quick reading with my Mertz Lenormand. I was contacted by a recruiter about a job opportunity at Company X. I’m not actively seeking a new job, and I’m probably overqualified for what they’re looking for.

Still, I was curious and asked the Lenormand: how is the opportunity at X for me?

I got: Roads – Man – Moon

Frankly I was expecting some negative cards. I happen to be friends with someone who worked at X, who gave me some “insider info” on the company. I know of someone else who went to Company X and had a bad experience. With what I know, I suspect that privately owned company would be overly conservative for me, and could end up being a roller-coaster of a job.

This is a positive draw to me. The job at X looks like an option (Roads) that would lead me (Man) to some recognition (Moon). Which seems reasonable, given my skills in my field.

This also highlights the importance of a the question. I didn’t ask if X would be an enjoyable working environment, or if the pay would be good, or if it would be a step up for my career. I asked if it was a good opportunity, and that’s the answer I got. It’s also worth nothing that if I’d used more cards, I’d have gotten more detail on what makes it a good opportunity.

But those could be follow-up questions for later, if I am so inclined.

What do you see? Hit me up in the comments.