Over the weekend, I did a quick two-card reading to try out what Andy B. calls the tirage oui ou non. In this reading technique, the answer comes from the flow of two cards. It is similar to the quick cut that I’ve written about before.

So with that in mind, I asked if the Lenormand decks I’d previously ordered would come this week. I cut the cards and got Clouds + Ship.

In a simple flow, we go from negative and murky to a card of movement. It’s a bonus that we go from unknown with the Clouds — I didn’t have any shipping information or tracking number — to a card of movement and travel.

I got the cards today, on Monday. In fact, they arrived Saturday evening, but I didn’t check the mail then. (Who expects mail at 5pm on a Saturday?!) So I didn’t find them in the mailbox until Monday morning. Talk about a Clouds situation!

The Clouds were relevant in one other aspect. The cards have a bad ink odor to them, and the Clouds are indicative of weather and air. It’s true that there is nothing here to show a problem — that would be a lot of multitasking for two simple cards, which are focused on the action of delivery . However, it is of note to me, as I still remember when the Clouds showed up in this reading to show a problem with a pervasive odor.

Short, simple and to the point.