I’ve had the urge lately to try out the kipper cards. I’ve owned the Mystical Kipper deck for a couple of years but it hasn’t gotten any use. I have the traditional German kipperkarten winging their way to me. In the meantime, I put my Mystical Kipper deck to use.

I’ve been told that the kippers work similarly to Lenormand cards, so that’s how I approached them. About the only thing I know about kippers is that it’s traditional in a three-card spread to start with MC1 or MC2 (Main Cards; Man and Lady), and read in the direction they are looking.

I’m also aware that “directionality” is  part of kipper reading; that is, if a figure has its back to another card, or is pointing in a direction, then the other cards can add nuance to the reading. That is done in Lenormand reading as well, although it’s not as commonly acknowledged among native-English Lenormand readers.

Kipper Reading #1

The first reading was done over the weekend, to ask how a meeting would go Monday morning. I had a work meeting scheduled to check in with a contractor who is helping me with a technical project. Here are the cards:

Marriage Card – Military Person – High Honors

I read this as the meeting (Marriage Card) with the contractor (Military Person) would go well (High Honors). These cards were quite clear to me. The Marriage Card was the engagement, while the Military Person indicated the contractor as an “official person.” (He’s not military and doesn’t wear uniform, but I thought it was apt.) Lastly, High Honors seemed like a positive outcome. Short and on point; I was actually quite surprised by the ease of reading this spread.

Kipper Reading #2

For my next reading, I included MC1, and asked whether an online return would be accepted. Here are the cards for that.

Main Person 1 – Short Illness – Main Person 2 – Gaining a lot of Money

This was also straightforward to me. I wasn’t thrilled to see Short Illness; which could either be the problem that triggered my return request, or could show some initial difficulties in the return process. Either way, it is addressed by MC2, the woman. The outcome seems to be getting my money back. That sounded promising!

As it happens, the seller contacted me after drafting this post. I was offered the choice of keeping the item with a partial refund, or a return for a full refund. It was a woman, and she was quite pleasant. So Short Illness apparently refers to the situation that prompted my request.

These cards are a nice change from Lenormand, as much as I love that system. The kippers seemed easy to read. I’ve been told my Lenormand experience would make them quick to pick up. For these three-card spreads — so far, so good! And it’s refreshing not to have anyone else’s meanings to think about, or impose on my thoughts, because these are a blank slate to me. I can read the cards and infer from their titles; and add from the LWB as needed.

Once I get my traditional deck, I expect to make use of Stella’s kipper reference page, especially as I don’t read German; and the kipperkarten have German titles.

Do you read kippers? What do you think about these readings? Hit me up in the comments!