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Lenormand – Quick Cut

The Quick Cut is similar to how it sounds: a cut of the deck that can be quickly read, to show a quick answer and perhaps lead into a deeper reading session. It is not unlike a two-card draw, although the nature of cutting the deck makes it feel different to me. This method I […]

Quick Cut from Chita Lawrence

This is my summary of a playing card reading “spread” called the Quick Cut, from Chita St. Lawrence in her out-of-print book, It’s All in the Cards. You can read more about her book and methods in this old post of mine. The Quick Cut is just that: cutting the deck of playing cards and […]

A Funny “Quickie” with Clouds

Over the weekend, I did a quick two-card reading to try out what Andy B. calls the tirage oui ou non. In this reading technique, the answer comes from the flow of two cards. It is similar to the quick cut that I’ve written about before. So with that in mind, I asked if the […]

What Can I Expect? (And a Quickie Technique!)

I did a quickie one-card reading before work this morning, asking what I could expect for the weekend. I anticipate a busy day at work, followed by a family dinner with a visiting relative from out-of-state. My house is getting replacement siding for damage from the winter (yes, it took that long), which I’m hoping […]

Tarot Reading: Will there be an evacuation drill today?

Here is something I thought would be a fun reading. Many places of employment have evacuation or fire drills — an exercise that lets everybody learn how to get out of the building in case of emergency. For small buildings it’s probably not a big deal. For mine, where I am almost twenty floors up; […]

Read the Cards, Not into the Cards

When I was first working with Chita Lawrence’s card reading method, I did some readings for people using her Quick Cut and Five-Card Draw. One of the readings can be summarized as follows: Q to K (Q significator; K older man or co-worker) … 9 (business; place of business) … 10 (great happiness) … K […]

Carto-GPS Reading with Thelema Tarot — Apr 19

Today I am doing a Here and Now reading — my carto-GPS — with my just-arrived Thelema Tarot by Renata Lechner. This is a dreamy looking and reasonably attractive deck, with a handful of standout cards at first glance. My main complaint is that it’s cut poorly, and the top left corner is almost sharp. […]

Who Needs Draws Like That

Did you ever have a reading, especially a daily draw, where you looked at it and thought maybe you should have stayed in bed? That was how I felt when I saw this yesterday. Clouds + Cross + Whip This is my Lo Scarabeo French Cartomancy deck. I saw the above cards and thought, “Whoa! […]

Tarot reading: To Interview Someone, or Not?

I was playing with my tarot last night and had a thought about interviewing someone for this blog. I’ve thought about doing interviews here for a while — not the “big names” or published authors, but real people doing their own thing, some of whom are now known on the internet. It’s not something I’ve […]

Lenormand Daily Reading – July 24, 2012

I got my long-awaited Old Castle Lenormand deck last night. Yay! I’m not normally drawn to Gothic or dark decks, but I really felt drawn to this one. I think it’s because it has the creepy haunted house vibe; which fits in with my love of Halloween. Of course I wanted to put this new […]