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Today’s combination is inspired by a discussion regarding the possibility of Lenormand cards taking on the meaning of a person; particularly the cards that bear an inset face card, such as House which is the King of Hearts.


Book + House

Book is a secret, education or documents (the sense of “bookkeeping”). House is the home, or maybe family life. Combined, I would say this is a secret about the family.


House + Book

This could be a mortgage, especially the mortgage paperwork and records. It could also be records about a house.

One other way to look at this is to keep in mind that this House is inset with the King of Hearts, and therefore, could be a man. If the Book were interpreted as a secret, then this could be a secret about a man, or a man with a secret.  It would make sense to me that the man is a family member, or fits the description “family man” since this is the House, although I don’t think there is any such guarantee. A lot of Lenormand interpretation requires a decent dose of intuition to decode contextual clues. I don’t know how likely this is in an actual reading, but if you see a face card then you might keep it in the back of your mind, in case the normal card meaning doesn’t make sense.

If you have any thoughts on this, or related card readings that you’d like to share, then please leave a comment.


Whip + Birds.

Whip = argument, strife. Birds = anxiety, verbal news, a couple.

I would likely read this pair as an argument between two people. This could be a couple if such was involved in the reading.


Birds + Whip.

The main theme is the Birds in this case, modified by the Whip. My first thought about this reversed pairing is a phone call about an argument; although an irate phone call fits as well. Throw in a Fish or Fox according to taste, and then you could have a telemarketing phone call. 🙂

Today’s practice for Lenormand combinations is Ring and Snake.


Ring + Snake

The first thought that popped into my mind before I could even think about typing up this exercise is a lost ring. I know that loss is usually shown by the Mice; but this could be a case where a person’s ring was misplaced, around the kitchen sink or bathroom. Or heaven forbid down the drain! This is because of the shape of the Snake: it can represent things like pipes and plumbing, and therefore in my mind, the associated areas with those. In this case, the Ring would literally represent a ring of commitment — a wedding ring.

Ring = relationship, contract, partnership. Snake = detour, a woman.

This could be a relationship with a woman (NOT the partner, that would be the Lady). Or, a detour in getting a contract — things didn’t go as planned. Sometimes the Snake is “the other woman” to me, so this could be an affair. In a full spread, one would also have to consider cards like Heart and Lady to make that call. This combination could also represent a backstabbing partner, which would spell trouble in business.

Once again, context matters.

Today’s combination:


Anchor + House. The main theme here is the Anchor, and it is modified by the House.

Anchor = work, job. House = home, family.

This could mean a home-based business, or a family-run business.

If I add a third card to the mix:


Anchor + House + Park

The Park (or Garden) suggests the public and social events. Modifying the House, this makes me think of a “public house,” which could be a restaurant or a bed-and-breakfast.

So with these three cards, I could read this as a job in a restaurant. I think it’s equally correct to say a home-based business doing public relations, or event planning. It will depend on the context of the reading as well as intuition.

If you have other thoughts on interpretation for these cards, please leave a comment.

When combining Lenormand cards, generally the order of the cards does matter. Usually the first card is taken as the primary card or the “theme” and the second card is the refinement or modifier. I believe this is because the methods of reading these cards comes from European languages, where grammatical rules dictate that the subject precedes the modifier.

This is different from playing cards, which are often read from left to right.

So if we look at:


Tower + Letter: A building, place, offical building + letter, message: this could be a post office. The Letter is used to describe the nature of the Tower.

Now, reverse these two cards:


Letter + Tower: Letter + official building, authorities, place: this suggests official or government documents received. This could be a mailed diploma or an income tax statement (or bill!).

I had some some thinking recently on how I would work out combinations that involved a few of the negative cards in the Lenormand deck. Here is how I would read these pairs.

Cross + Anchor: Work is increasing and becoming a burden. Overworked.

Mountain + Coffin: Ending of obstacles. But not necessarily in a good way. Could indicate giving up.

Fox + Fish: Underhanded money deal; bad money (counterfeit).

Cross + Mountain: Obstacles ahead are so large as to be insurmountable; one would need to be a “superman” to overcome them.

Mountain + Cross: Obstacles are one’s burden to bear.

Cross + Fox: Major fraud or deception going on. Someone is screwing the subject over.

Fox + Cross: Some relatively minor deception is going on, but may be almost over with.

Cross + Fish: Money is a great burden. It would seem that the subject has more money, but because of the Cross that’s not a good thing.

Fish + Cross: Diminished cashflow.

Fish + Coffin: Going broke.

Coffin + Fish: Loss of money through ill health, or stress about money problems. If Coffin makes this combo negative, then the money has a negative aspect. Ill health and monetary loss would suggest health-related unemployment to me, even though Fish is not work in this case. Stress seems likely too.

Coming up with practice pairs is a helpful way to become acquainted with combining Lenormand cards. Regardless of which tradition one follows, combination is essential to reading these cards.



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