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I haven’t had good luck with some recent mail deliveries of orders from Even with Amazon Prime, which guarantees (free) two-day delivery, I’ve had trouble getting my items on time. I won’t bore you with the details. So while expecting a delivery today, I consulted the Lenormand: Will my package arrive today?

jan26-package-arrive-todayMice – Letter – Stork

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I don’t know why, but even after after all these years with the Lenormand, their directness can still surprise and excite me.

The head of our department called the managers in my area for a private meeting this morning. Since two of them were on vacation, this was unusual and worrisome. I wondered what kind of news might come out of this. So I hit up the Lenormand to ask: what is the news that will be shared in this meeting?

lenormand_reading-20140527Birds – Child – Key – Bear – Roads

I used The Fool’s Dog iPhone app, although I’ve depicted here with my new Gilded Reverie Lenormand. For those of you who are newer to Lenormand, even though these cards may look a little different than older cards — for example this Birds card depicts more than two birds — they are read the same. Lenormand is Lenormand, no matter the deck.

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Here is a “quickie” reading I did midweek, at the office. I was having a bad day and feeling a bit stressed about some things at work, and thought maybe I should express my concerns to my boss. It’s a good thing I’m a card reader and can always get impromptu, impartial advice!

I asked: Should I express my concerns to my manager today?

rider-sketch  Lenormand Snake Sketch

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I am writing this on the bus, as I commute to work. I have a meeting today about a subject in my area of expertise, which includes a notoriously difficult individual whose approach is by nature brash and argumentative. While I’ve always thought he is just convinced he is always right, I recently suspect it’s just his personality. Some people are naturally argumentative in their approach, and from their point-of-view it’s just healthy communication.

Regardless, that’s the opposite of my style of interaction and I find the idea of this meeting and inevitable conflict stressful. I turned to the Lenormand to help with my approach.

I could look for the outcome of the meeting to see what I’m in for but I find that useless. Why do I want to hear that it will be good, or bad, or interrupted by a fire drill? That kind of soothsaying wouldn’t help me. I chose to ask a question that can help me out: Will a firm but polite approach result in a positive meeting from my perspective?


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Here is a straightforward example of reading the Lenormand using a basic cartomancy spread. One card is drawn and indicates what is primarily on the querent’s mind, which alludes to the theme. (I’ve done a similar thing in the past with a three card daily, where a subject card is chosen first, giving a 1 + 3 card reading.) Then five cards are drawn, and read from left to right, building a story. It’s similar to the “line of five,” except I think it gets away from the algebraic approach that most people think is inherently required with the Lenormand.

When my house and yard suffered damage related to Hurricane Sandy a couple of autumns ago, parts of the fence and deck needed to be replaced. That work was done this past January. When the snow melted and I took a closer look, I noticed that some of the wood was questionable so I contacted the fence company. My sales representative is coming out this morning to review the work.

I asked the Lenormand cards: what will the outcome of this visit be from my perspective?

reading-fence-20140519ASS Lenormand – click for larger image

Snake – Dog – Scythe – Ship – Mountain – Key

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Did you ever have a reading, especially a daily draw, where you looked at it and thought maybe you should have stayed in bed? That was how I felt when I saw this yesterday.

Len_Daily_20140325Clouds + Cross + Whip

This is my Lo Scarabeo French Cartomancy deck. I saw the above cards and thought, “Whoa! That looks terrible!”

Now, I’m not a fan of the daily reading. It can be fun for practicing prediction and it does make the cards feel like part of one’s life. The problem is that a daily could apply to anything, and so even among experienced readers seems likely to be understood (in terms of specific occurrences) after the fact.

I got this negative trio and wondered what was in store for me. These are three of the negative cards in the Lenormand deck, and arguably the worst of the negatives. They mapped how my day played out very well!

I also will show how I used the tarot to try and provide more detail.

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As I was looking through my music collection today, I put on an older album of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a UK pop artist whose music I’m a fan of. I bought her last album, Make a Scene, via in late 2012.

“Make a Scene” album cover

It occurred to me that here was a reading opportunity. I wondered if the lovely Ms. Ellis-Bextor had anything new coming up musically, so I whipped out my trusty French Cartomancy Lenormand deck for a five card spread.

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In my previous post, I used the tarot to take a look at the impact of Justin Bieber’s arrest on his career. As a followup, I thought it would be interested to see what the Lenormand has to say about the same thing. I used my Lenormand ASS Bilder deck — my second favorite deck — and a nine-card square.
I chose the central significator card, the Moon, because I’m looking at the effect on his career, which is basically being a celebrity. So the Moon seemed more appropriate to me than the working man’s Anchor.
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I thought to do a quick reading this morning, as I drink my morning coffee (Godiva brand pumpkin flavor — was on sale — yum!). I used my Gilded Reverie app and did a two-card reading.

Ship – Tower

Sorry the image looks so small. The app journal export (via email) is low resolution.

My intent was to see what’s in store for my workday.

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I have a short work week, due to Labor Day and a vacation day, which give me Monday and Tuesday off. I really needed the time away because I’m stressed out from my new position at work. I asked the cards: What will my work week be like?

frenchcartomancy_36_cross frenchcartomancy_21_mountainfrenchcartomancy_26_book

36 Cross – 21 Mountain – 26 Book

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