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Sorry to disappoint anyone who hoped this title meant I’d be speaking of gourmet delights paired with cards. Perhaps an earthy cheese with a Marseilles tarot, or finger foods with a Dondorf Lenormand? Cheesecake with a Waite-Smith tarot? Oh, the possibilities… but no, these are readings about avoiding too much food.

I’ve noticed a definite tendency to snack lately. And my fondness for sweets has increased. At a time when I want to eat better and lose a few pounds, this is annoying. Today I thought, why not ask the cards what I can do immediately to stop the mindless snacking? I pulled out a tarot and a Lenormand for this question.

Here’s a look with the gilded and gorgeous Renaissance Tarot by the (deceased) artist and author, Brian Williams.

Strength — Hermit — 9 of Coins

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This past weekend, our winery group had our first outing of the season. The weather was refreshingly cool. In fact, a little too cool, as we quickly migrated from a picnic table outdoors to an inside table. Others must have felt the same because before long, the inside was packed.

My readings have become a popular part of the winery events. So, what decks (or other reading tools) to take, and what format to use?

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I got the Celtic Lenormand oracle deck today. I had been on the fence about this one for a while, while seeing it in-progress at the creator’s blog. I’m not a big fan of the myriad of themed and art-heavy Lenormand decks; but I’m not immune to any new deck that I find attractive, readable and resonant with my personal interests or taste. The Celtic Lenormand does target that area for me, with its Celtic theme and art by Will Worthington (whose illustrations of the Wildwood Tarot read particularly well for me).


Ring – Clouds – Book – Dog – Snake

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Four calling birds: Four elements. It’s elementary, my dear Watson!

How could I not do at least one post talking about the elements? They are so integral to the way I read tarot, and the Playing Card Oracles, that it’s hard for me to not consider elements. The way elements are present or missing, and the way they interact with each other in readings, can enhance the picture of what is happening in the situation being explored.

That interaction is sometimes called elemental dignities. That’s a highfalutin’ term and a lot of people find the idea off-putting, but really, it’s just the way card “energies” as depicted by elements influence and affect each other.

And some good news: if you’ve always felt intimidated by elemental dignities (EDs), but you’ve learned Lenormand card reading, then you most likely have the skills necessary to learn EDs!

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Five Gold Rings: A triumphant gathering of precious metals.

There were a couple of things I had kicking around for this post. A continuation from the numerology post, where I left out a couple of things. Some talk of the i-ching that I omitted from my post about variety, or the related topic of Chinese five-element theory.

Instead, I’m going to go with my original impulse, which was inspired by thinking about how five gold rings reminded me of the Olypmics rings, which are a symbol of unity — or at least the gathering of people that the Olympics brings about.

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Six Geese a-Laying: Making something new and precious as they bring life to this world.

Long before Rhonda Byrne popularized the so-called law of attraction with The Secret, there have been self-help authors and teachers writing about ways to bring new things into your life. Some of these are down-to-earth and some have more mystical approaches. There is Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. Joseph Murphy explored the subconscious mind in As a Man Thinketh. NLP co-founder Richard Bandler  started a modern way of improving your life. Two of his students, Tony Robbins and Paul McKenna, became well-known motivational speakers. Sandra Anne Taylor (my sort-of neighbor) has her quantum success model.

The list goes on. Creative Visualization, whether you prefer the book by Shakti Gawain, Ophiel or Denning & Phillips. The Silva Mind Control method. (Richard Bach used this to write Jonathan Livingston Seagull.) Modern productivity guru Peter Allen invented a popular system and book called Getting Things Done, or GTD to its aficionados. (I felt it was overly complicated myself.) There is The Kybalion, and anything from William Walker Atkinson, or indeed much of the New Thought movement. Christian Science. Joseph J. Weed’s AMORC teachings.

I could probably come up with more, and that’s off the top of my head. Whether these teachers and authors have a magical or mystical approach, they all have approaches to achieving one’s goals in life, and sometimes those goals are materially focused. In short, what is popularly called “manifestation.” But what does manifestation have to do with tarot and oracle cards?

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7_swansSeven Swans a-Swimming: White swans, black swans, baby swans, trumpeter swans… such variety brings elegance to the lake where they all glide along the water.

There is the saying that variety is the spice of life, which I could support with a bunch of similar platitudes, but I’m going to get right to the point. Yes, really! A little variety in your divination practices can inspire you, renew waning interests and enhance your facility with divination in general.

Older Cartomancy Systems

My main system has always been tarot. Yet there was a period of time where I experienced burnout. I was tired of online “big-mouths” who seemed to drain the soul and joy out of my experience with their veiled negative attitudes. Perhaps I had personal tarot fatigue and they were just the outward trigger. In any case, I was moved to work more with playing cards, which led me to study old cartomancy techniques and the 32-card piquet deck, and even a 36-card variant. It also led me to the Lenormand cards (back in 2008), which further inspired me to start this blog.

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11_pipersEleven Pipers Piping: Sometimes a new deck calls with a siren song; a lure like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

In our materialistically focused society, people tend to like getting new things, and the New Age community is no exception. You can walk into almost any New Age store across the country and find a tantalizing display of expensive tschochkes, brick-a-bracks, collectibles and dust collectors available for purchase. People have always been hungry for shortcuts to heaven, or to ascension. It’s human nature.

There is nothing wrong with buying or having nice things, if a person enjoys them. I have collected various things myself over the years: miniature figures, books, video games, penguin items and — yes, tarot decks. The problem is when the collecting is for the wrong reasons.

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I don’t know why, but even after after all these years with the Lenormand, their directness can still surprise and excite me.

The head of our department called the managers in my area for a private meeting this morning. Since two of them were on vacation, this was unusual and worrisome. I wondered what kind of news might come out of this. So I hit up the Lenormand to ask: what is the news that will be shared in this meeting?

lenormand_reading-20140527Birds – Child – Key – Bear – Roads

I used The Fool’s Dog iPhone app, although I’ve depicted here with my new Gilded Reverie Lenormand. For those of you who are newer to Lenormand, even though these cards may look a little different than older cards — for example this Birds card depicts more than two birds — they are read the same. Lenormand is Lenormand, no matter the deck.

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Here is a “quickie” reading I did midweek, at the office. I was having a bad day and feeling a bit stressed about some things at work, and thought maybe I should express my concerns to my boss. It’s a good thing I’m a card reader and can always get impromptu, impartial advice!

I asked: Should I express my concerns to my manager today?

rider-sketch  Lenormand Snake Sketch

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