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A respected Lenormand reader is offering a free virtual workshop. Check it out if you’re interested.

The Chairman of Llewellyn Worldwide, the publishing company who brings to the U.S. many tarot and oracle decks including those from Lo Scarabeo, has died.


From the Llewellyn blog:

It is with profound sadness we share the news of Carl Llewellyn Weschcke’s passing. He passed peacefully on Saturday, November 7 surrounded by family. He was 85.

Carl Llewellyn Weschcke was Chairman and the driving force behind Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., the oldest and largest publishers of New Age, Metaphysical, Self-Help, and Spirituality books in the world.

The full article can be read here.

While not everybody likes Llewellyn for being a business that caters to the “101’s,” the fact is that they are a business who has done well under Weschcke’s guidance.

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Here is a small bit of humor, to hopefully brighten what is starting as a cold and rainy day where I live.



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I am writing this on the bus, as I commute to work. I have a meeting today about a subject in my area of expertise, which includes a notoriously difficult individual whose approach is by nature brash and argumentative. While I’ve always thought he is just convinced he is always right, I recently suspect it’s just his personality. Some people are naturally argumentative in their approach, and from their point-of-view it’s just healthy communication.

Regardless, that’s the opposite of my style of interaction and I find the idea of this meeting and inevitable conflict stressful. I turned to the Lenormand to help with my approach.

I could look for the outcome of the meeting to see what I’m in for but I find that useless. Why do I want to hear that it will be good, or bad, or interrupted by a fire drill? That kind of soothsaying wouldn’t help me. I chose to ask a question that can help me out: Will a firm but polite approach result in a positive meeting from my perspective?


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The title of this post may have made you think something like, “Hey! I can learn to create my own Lenormand deck, all I need to do is roll some dice to generate the images!” If that’s the case, I’m sorry; you won’t be learning how dice might be utilized as a modern art tool to produce your own Lenormand deck. Although if you get some ideas and are inspired to do so, let me know! No, today’s idea is using six-sided dice instead of cards to produce a reading.

Mystical Lenormand: Clover with added die. 100% more green!

Why would anyone want to do that? Perhaps you have access to dice at a time when you’re without cards. Maybe you need to be discreet and can’t lay out cards. No dice either? If you have a smartphone, you can probably get a free dice rolling app. This is what I did for my prior blog post, in order to do my three card reading while commuting to work on the bus.

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This post title is quite provocative and no doubt got your attention. Sadly, I don’t have an insider’s track on predicting when to play the lottery and win, or even how to pick lottery numbers. (Although I’ve seen a tarot spread for doing just that.)

Rather, I had responded to someone’s question regarding her experiments in this area. She played the lottery after predicting a lottery win and the circumstances around the winner. She was excited, thinking that if she played that day she would win, based on her tarot cards. But the winner was someone else. She wondered how to focus on the cards on herself for this kind of prediction?

My working theory on this is that predicting a lottery, particularly those multi-million-dollar lotteries, is tougher than other predictions. There are a lot of theories about this. Mine is that it’s tough because so many people have their hopes, dreams, prayers and magical acts pinned to the lottery. It’s an event that so many people are trying to sway, whether intentionally or unconsciously. I suspect it’s not a matter of “can’t predict,” but a matter of having to be really good and able to disregard the thousands of people involved, who have so much emotion tied up in their hopes and dreams of winning. I don’t even know if that’s possible.

I think narrowing the focus of the cards is less an issue than being able to ignore a large portion of humanity’s raw “energy.”

Any contrasting stories to share on this one? You know the drill; leave ’em in the comments!

Everyone else seems to have a blog on cartomancy today, so I thought I should join the fun. 😀 My first interest was reading and studying the tarot, but after some burnout I discovered Lenormand cards (the “Petit” or 36 card deck) and playing cards. Which also lend themselves to fun card tricks, but I digress….

This blog will be about my adventures in working with reading cards, and hopefully over time will provide a nice English language resource for reading European cards that aren’t as readily found outside Europe.


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