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My friends who regularly read certain oracle cards often get literal readings. This is a reading where the symbol depicted on the oracle card turns out to mean that thing, rather than what the symbol stands for. I’ve noticed this is somewhat common with the Lenormand, and especially the Gipsy (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten), oracle decks. Yet it can happen with the tarot as well.

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As anyone who’s been reading my blog knows, I’ve been searching for a home to buy, and doing readings related to the hunt for a house. Not all of them have been posted here.

I did finally fall in love with a house. The only downside I could see was its location on a busier street. I did some readings regarding this house and its suitability, and none of them were ever really positive. Cross had shown up to describe this house, even when next to Heart, making me think of “the burden of ownership.”

Garden had popped up a couple of times, and the best I could figure was to relate it to the busy location. The reality turned out to be quite different. The house is settling too much, indicating a likely problem with the foundation. In retrospect, Garden seems a good representative of the foundation itself. In this light, here are two card combinations that came up.


Garden + Mice: something “eating away” at, or eroding, the foundation.


Garden + Bear: the foundation needs to be strengthened; needs a lot of work.

Sometimes readings do make more sense after the fact, and this is one of those cases. The upside of this is that particular pairings will have more meaning for the reader in future. I’ve certainly expanded my repertoire for the Garden card!

This is a potentially tricky pair that I recently saw in a relationship reading. Tree is most often read as health when following Lenormand traditional readings, but if reading about a relationship, it’s likely appropriate to put a different spin on the card.


Tree + Bear

Tree, besides health, speaks of something that is long-standing; it has “roots.” This longevity can mean a meaningful or karmic connection; and on the flip-side it could show boredom, and perhaps inertia. The Bear is often an authority figure, and can indicate strength, fortitude, courage or conviction. It may also be jealousy, or being indistrious.

For this pair, cast in terms of relationships, I’d say there is a long-standing and strong relationship.


Bear + Tree

In general terms, I’d be thinking about the health of a person — perhaps an authority or boss — who is represented by the Bear. More generally it could mean that someone or something has been strong for a long time. For a relationship question, this could mean that someone has been strong and faithful; similar to the first pair, but more emphasis is on a person (or the people) rather than the relationship itself. I would also be more inclined to see the boredom meaning from Tree sneak into this one.

What do you think?


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