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I’m attending a winery event this weekend, and was thinking about doing some readings there. It was popular when I did so the last time. However, part of me just wants to go, drink wine and enjoy myself. Without worrying about people unloading their problems, trying to find semi-privacy or — worst of all — watching that my cards don’t blow away in bursts of wind when sitting outdoors!

So I sought some advice from the cards. What do I need to know about reading at the winery this weekend? I chose the Dreampower Tarot.

reading_20140616Whirlpool – Child of Fire – 3 Fire (Intention)
Warrior of Earth – 10 Fire (Power) – 2 Fire (Leaping)

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I did a couple of readings this week for a man I’ll call Nick. Nick wanted to know if he will be offered a job that he has recently interviewed for. I used my Dreampower tarot, which hasn’t gotten attention lately.


Nick has interviewed twice and is anxious, both for a response and to hopefully get this job. It entails a move to a new part of the organization he works for. Nick is a social worker who is burned out in his current job, which has earned him a physical attack and two death threats from clients this year.

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One of the big news items lately has been the missing Malaysian Flight 370. I haven’t followed the details of this news story. I know that a plane went missing, seemingly without a trace, and authorities are trying to learn what happened. Using my Dreampower Tarot deck (DPT), I asked: What happened to the missing airplane?  I further clarified this as: What are the circumstances surround it’s disappearance?


Before I talk about the reading, note that I used a broad question. A cartomantic detective would be better served by asking a series of more focused questions. Such as: Did the plane crash? Was it hijacked? Did something malfunction? If crashed, was it done intentionally? Is the plane is X part of the world now? Short readings that are like detective work, gathering clues and assembling a puzzle that illuminates the solution. That style originally prompted the tagline for my blog. I’ve noticed some good readers utilize this technique, but it seems to be little known; or at least, I’ve not seen it taught much.

I stuck with my broad question because I didn’t have the luxury to do several readings today. I used a practical variant of the Tree of Life spread. In some ways it can be considered akin to a categorized horary astrology chart.

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I mentioned previously that I’ve been using the Dreampower Tarot (DPT) and doing daily readings as time permits to help become acquainted with it. This short post captures today’s reading and how I apply it to the events of my day.

DPT_daily_20140303Clockwise from top left:
9 Water – Fertility, Queen of Messengers, The Tangler, Ace of Earth, Ace of Fire

The 9 Water started my day. I suppose this card can have some relations to the 9 of Cups or “wish card,” but that’s certainly not how my day started!

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In late January I obtained a copy of the out-of-print Dreampower Tarot, created by R.J. Stewart and illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn. I might have owned this deck back in the mid-90s; the box looked quite familiar. I came across it online and felt compelled to obtain a copy. Fortunately I was able to find the deck at a reasonable price.


It’s very different to the average tarot deck, and purists would not even call it a tarot. There is such a fuss in the online tarot community about what constitutes a tarot deck; and I suppose it’s good to use consistent terms so that people know what they are discussing in mixed company. At the same time, people get on a high horse and can be quite obnoxious about it, which annoys me. But I digress.

The Dreampower Tarot (DPT) has 22 trumps, without titles or numbers on the cards; 16 courts that correspond to the usual tarot courts; and the normal set of numbered element cards, although these depict elements themselves rather than implements (fire instead of wands, water instead of cups, and so on). It is different, and definitely taking time to get used to. I find the court cards especially intriguing. They really stand out to me, and feel like real people in comparison to any other deck I have used.

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