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Long time, no see, gentle readers! I haven’t done much with cards for a while, and so I haven’t had a lot to write about. My break has been good to refresh my mind and my energy, although I still have many things to juggle right now.

I have a meeting at work this afternoon, and to get some Lenormand reading practice in, I asked about the outcome.

This is the no-layout method, charging the Garden as the keycard to focus the reading. It’s a small meeting but I still think the Garden —  people, public and meetings — is appropriate. I’d considered the Birds but as I might want them to highlight some communication aspect, I felt it best to stick with Garden.

Snake + Tree + Key + Garden + Sun + Lady + Anchor

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This seems like a generally straightforward combination pair today. Ring is the card about relationships and partnerships, whether romantic or otherwise. Thus it can talk about a marriage, a partner, a business deal or the negotiation to purchase a home. Key is typically the Lenormand card that says, “Yes!” If this appears, it’s usually a good omen regarding any question under consideration.


Ring + Key

A relationship will be successful. If there are any questions or concerns regarding this relationship, I’d expect them to be worked out.


Key + Ring

Success in some area will lead to a relationship being formed.


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