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I’ve had the urge lately to try out the kipper cards. I’ve owned the Mystical Kipper deck for a couple of years but it hasn’t gotten any use. I have the traditional German kipperkarten winging their way to me. In the meantime, I put my Mystical Kipper deck to use.

I’ve been told that the kippers work similarly to Lenormand cards, so that’s how I approached them. About the only thing I know about kippers is that it’s traditional in a three-card spread to start with MC1 or MC2 (Main Cards; Man and Lady), and read in the direction they are looking.

I’m also aware that “directionality” isĀ  part of kipper reading; that is, if a figure has its back to another card, or is pointing in a direction, then the other cards can add nuance to the reading. That is done in Lenormand reading as well, although it’s not as commonly acknowledged among native-English Lenormand readers.

Kipper Reading #1

The first reading was done over the weekend, to ask how a meeting would go Monday morning. I had a work meeting scheduled to check in with a contractor who is helping me with a technical project. Here are the cards:

Marriage Card – Military Person – High Honors

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