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Today’s post is a look at how I currently interpret a combination involving the Scythe. Different readers have different ways of looking at this card. Generally it’s a card of pain, danger, cutting, and suddenness or impact. Not a very pleasant card in most circumstances! The question is, how does the Scythe affect its neighbor(s)?

In the traditional methods as I learned them, the Scythe is seen as cutting the card which the blade faces. In my deck, the Scythe blade is on the right, so it is primarily affecting the card to it’s right. If the card to the right is Clover, I would suspect someone’s happiness is going to be short-lived, or over before it begins. On the other hand, if Mountain is to the right, then I envision the Scythe as cutting right through any obstacles, effectively clearing them.

Let me take a particular pairing, Scythe and Ring.


Scythe + Ring

The Scythe is pain, danger and cutting. The Ring is relationship or business partnership. Scythe + Ring most likely speaks of a severing of a relationship, whether personal or professional. I think this is compatible with the theme and modifier technique I sometimes use: the Scythe’s cutting is the main theme, and the modifier is a relationship: the cutting (or ending) is of a relationship.


Ring + Scythe

The reverse seems to suggest a painful relationship: the Ring is the relationship, and Scythe is pain and danger. Because the blade of the Scythe is facing to the right, it is not actually severing the Ring, so it’s not bringing and end to this relationship. This is also compatible with the theme and modifier technique: the main subject is the relationship, and the modifier is pain and danger. For the severance to occur, it (represented by Scythe) would need to be the main subject.

There are other ways that readers handle pairings with the Scythe. Some ignore direction of the blade, and read the cards in a linear flow of energy. They determine the Scythe’s impact according to how they perceive the sequence of action, which may be the opposite of what I’ve written here. Others generalize the placement such that negative cards on the right have greatest impact to their immediate left. It can get confusing if a person starts comparing all the styles and techniques!

I think the most important way to handle the Scythe and similar cards is to pick one technique that works, and be consistent.

How do you like to read the Scythe? Do you have a favorite technique other than this method I’ve described? Please post your comments or questions.

I was scheduled to look at a couple of homes for sale last night, and I had a few minutes to do a quick couple of Lenormand card draws. I wanted to get a feel for what I would be seeing, and see how the cards matched up to the reality afterwards. The short answer: the cards were spot on!

I based my draw on the no-layout technique, which involves a row of approximately five cards, including the central significator. The cards around the significator describe the nature of that central card.

It made sense to use the House as significator; and what I did was to thoroughly shuffle the cards, then search through them for the House. I laid out the House with its two neighbors on either side, maintaining the order of the cards in the deck. (It would be the same as if I’d dealt the cards out in order.) I apologize for not showing all five cards for both of these layouts; I was in a hurry and didn’t note the spreads.

House #1 was advertised as needing a little bit of work. The cards:


I interpreted this as being a place that would need some change (Child); it would be like a new project. I debated on what the Scythe meant, and I decided it meant there would be holes or cracks in the walls. The reality was a bit simpler, but reflected in these cards. The place was a blank slate that would need a bit of work: new carpeting, new paint, and some general work to get the place in tiptop shape. It’s not the kind of home that needs a complete overhaul, but it would be like a new project to make it liveable and pleasant. Score for Lenormand!

House #2 came up as these cards:


I read this one as a home having some problems with the air or air circulation (Clouds); and having a winding approach or driveway (Snake) that I wouldn’t like. This one was really interesting; upon walking in, I was assaulted with a horrible smell. A lot of the house was reminiscent of wet dog, or a dirty hamster cage. It was really strong. I was amazed that the cards picked up on that! As for the Snake, that was also true. The house is on the corner of a winding, snake-shape road that gets a lot of traffic. Getting in and out of the driveway was tricky due to this. (I noted a bit of horn-honking while I was in the house as well.)

If I want to take this reading a bit further, the Dog was left of the Clouds. When I got to the house I realized I’d driven by it dozens of times, as I often use its street as a “cut-through,” and Dog can imply something already known. I’d seen the house many times but not realized it until I was there. (Dog could also relate to the Clouds with that animal smell.) Lily was on the right; and the house is an older, dated style. Score again for Lenormand!

I’ve had some good readings before, but results like this about concrete events in my own life are very encouraging.


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