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I haven’t bought any new tarot decks for quite some time. There hasn’t been much to interest me. I’m not a big fan of photorealism and ornate images in my cards, and these seem to be popular trends in card design nowadays. Also, I’ve been working to pair down my “stuff.” This includes tarot decks (although not as much as, say, books!). However, I’ve been getting the urge to try some new decks; and picked up a couple that I was aware of when I saw them in the local new age shop.

One caught my eye online some time ago, and after seeing it in the store in its compact and sturdy box, I decided to get it: The Healing Light Tarot. The deck is created by Christopher Butler, and the artwork is in the style he is known for. He has also created the Quantum Tarot (with Kay Stepforth), the Son Tarot and a Lenormand deck whose name escapes me at the moment.

Of course I had to test this deck out, so I decided to ask a political question: Will Donald Trump leave office for any reason in 2018? I used the modified tree of life spread that works so well for these kinds of questions.

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I did a couple of readings this week for a man I’ll call Nick. Nick wanted to know if he will be offered a job that he has recently interviewed for. I used my Dreampower tarot, which hasn’t gotten attention lately.


Nick has interviewed twice and is anxious, both for a response and to hopefully get this job. It entails a move to a new part of the organization he works for. Nick is a social worker who is burned out in his current job, which has earned him a physical attack and two death threats from clients this year.

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One of the big news items lately has been the missing Malaysian Flight 370. I haven’t followed the details of this news story. I know that a plane went missing, seemingly without a trace, and authorities are trying to learn what happened. Using my Dreampower Tarot deck (DPT), I asked: What happened to the missing airplane?  I further clarified this as: What are the circumstances surround it’s disappearance?


Before I talk about the reading, note that I used a broad question. A cartomantic detective would be better served by asking a series of more focused questions. Such as: Did the plane crash? Was it hijacked? Did something malfunction? If crashed, was it done intentionally? Is the plane is X part of the world now? Short readings that are like detective work, gathering clues and assembling a puzzle that illuminates the solution. That style originally prompted the tagline for my blog. I’ve noticed some good readers utilize this technique, but it seems to be little known; or at least, I’ve not seen it taught much.

I stuck with my broad question because I didn’t have the luxury to do several readings today. I used a practical variant of the Tree of Life spread. In some ways it can be considered akin to a categorized horary astrology chart.

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Can the cards pinpoint someone’s sexual orientation? For a decent reader, I expect they can. It’s arguably not so different than reading to determine the sex of an unborn baby. Of course, looking at it another way, it’s not so different than reading about anything else: have a question that matters, focus properly, set the correct intention along with a precisely worded question and apply carefully honed reading techniques. (Don’t forget to bring intuition along for the ride!)


Back in 2008 when I first discovered the Lenormand, I learned of such techniques which seemed more cut and dried than other cards. I was fascinated by the possibility that cards could be used this way. It promised to be a supplemental “gaydar”(1), and as a gay man I was intrigued that it was possible at all. But it’s not something I practiced, as it wasn’t something I needed in daily life.

This week I was curious about a man named Michael(2). Here is an opportunity to experiment with this reading technique! Since I’ve been enjoying my Playing Card Oracles recently, I opted to use them. However, I chose a spread I’ve been using a lot with the tarot.

I phrased my precise question: Is Michael gay? I further set an intention that the deck would show me by using masculine or feminine cards to show where Michael is coming from — that is, a masculine card would show heterosexual male interests, whereas a feminine card would show the opposite. This isn’t about behaviors, just sexual interests.

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