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The Lenormand Heart card speaks of love, feelings and emotions. The Whip for me is about strife, conflict and discord.


Heart + Whip: Fight with a loved one.


Whip + Heart: An emotional argument.


Whip + Birds.

Whip = argument, strife. Birds = anxiety, verbal news, a couple.

I would likely read this pair as an argument between two people. This could be a couple if such was involved in the reading.


Birds + Whip.

The main theme is the Birds in this case, modified by the Whip. My first thought about this reversed pairing is a phone call about an argument; although an irate phone call fits as well. Throw in a Fish or Fox according to taste, and then you could have a telemarketing phone call. 🙂

A reading about another prospective home. I didn’t know anything about the house when I drew these cards.


Whip + Heart + House + Clouds + Child

I chose the House for the significator because it best represents that I’m looking at a potential home.

The two surrounding cards give a description of the house. I immediately looked first at the Clouds because I remember how they turned up in my last home reading. Of course this reinforces my natural thought about the air, and a possible problem with the airflow (air conditioner or furnace). However, the other card is a Heart, so I am trying to not automatically give the Clouds a negative interpretation.

In this case I am reading the Clouds as an open-feeling house; a place that feels spacious or has open floorplans. The Heart makes me think it will be attractive, cosy, and the thought of a feminine decor came to mind.

Looking at the flow of all the cards, Whips — a card of discussion and often debate — makes me think there will be some debate or arguing with my partner about the house. With the Heart it makes me think we’ll like the home overall, but it may have some feature that’s really a sticking point. This is emphasized by the appearance of the Clouds, which conveys some doubt about the home, particularly in regard to some work the home is likely to need (Child). This might be a small bit of work, or limited to one item, but presumably it’s enough to entail the debate indicated by the Whip.

After I did this reading, I got some information about the home, including pictures. The interior looks lovely and  it’s owned by an older lady who presumably has a feminine decor, so the Heart makes sense so far. I’ll post an update after I view the house.

Update (Aug 20, 2009): I saw the house that these cards applied to, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how to apply all of them after the fact. The Heart seemed applicable; the home is owned by a “little old lady” which was reflected in the layout and decor. The layout wasn’t really open, as I thought the Clouds might have indicated; although with three bedrooms it was big enough. I did notice what seemed to be extra moisture in the air of the basement, so that is a possibility. The home has a pot-bellied stove, which we briefly debated the merits of; that’s the closest thing to the Whips that I can think of. And of course it would need some work to make into my kind of home, especially in the basement; hence the Child

I am doing a daily draw to see if it reflects anything that happened today. Also, I want to use the French tradition for my interpretation. (I’m used to the German tradition and meanings, so this is some effort for me!) This mostly affects the Anchor in this draw.


Ongoing discussions or more likely arguments are coming to an end.

I did have a situation along these lines at work today. My department is periodically reviewed by another department, and these reviews involve a lot of discussion where I may be on the receiving end of interviewing, and subsequently providing information.

Today it was decided that these interviews (Whip) have become too frequent and involved, and they take a lot of time; and effectively drag me down (Anchor). So to alleviate this and back me up, in a way, future interviews will involve the participation of management to act as a buffer. This is an end to how things have been done (Coffin).


I always think of the Whip as being a whip due to its name. It’s been described as a whip and a broom. However, I know it’s also been called the Birch; this presumably refers to the birchrod and the practice of birching.

According to Wikipedia:

Birching is a corporal punishment with a birch rod, typically applied to the recipient’s bare buttocks, although occasionally to the back and/or shoulders.

A birch rod (often shortened to “birch”) is a bundle of leafless twigs bound together to form an implement for flagellation.

This would seem more appropriate to the depiction of the “whip” on some Lenormand cards, such as the French Cartomancy pictured here, which is based on the Dondorf pattern.

Birching was also used, according to this article, during the French Revolution which may have inspired its use in these cards:

Birching featured in the French Revolution. One leader of the revolution, Anne Josephe Theroigne de Mericourt, went mad, ending her days in an asylum after a public birching.

So this card depicts a tool of punishment and an instrument used in times of strife, but not a weapon. It deals pain and suffering, was used where punishment was needed, but there were not injuries as a bladed weapon (such as the Scythe). This seems to tie into the traditional meanings of harshness and harsh words, with conflict and argument. Admittedly this less obviously related to the concept of punishment that is the core purpose of the birchrod, but it’s close enough for me to work with the card and its meaning.

Of course there is always this depiction from the Bärtschi Lenormand:


It puts me in mind of the French tradtion, where phsycial activity and by implication sexuality is attached to the Whip. But that’s a post for another day.


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