Today’s combination is inspired by a discussion regarding the possibility of Lenormand cards taking on the meaning of a person; particularly the cards that bear an inset face card, such as House which is the King of Hearts.


Book + House

Book is a secret, education or documents (the sense of “bookkeeping”). House is the home, or maybe family life. Combined, I would say this is a secret about the family.


House + Book

This could be a mortgage, especially the mortgage paperwork and records. It could also be records about a house.

One other way to look at this is to keep in mind that this House is inset with the King of Hearts, and therefore, could be a man. If the Book were interpreted as a secret, then this could be a secret about a man, or a man with a secret.  It would make sense to me that the man is a family member, or fits the description “family man” since this is the House, although I don’t think there is any such guarantee. A lot of Lenormand interpretation requires a decent dose of intuition to decode contextual clues. I don’t know how likely this is in an actual reading, but if you see a face card then you might keep it in the back of your mind, in case the normal card meaning doesn’t make sense.

If you have any thoughts on this, or related card readings that you’d like to share, then please leave a comment.