I haven’t had good luck with some recent mail deliveries of orders from amazon.com. Even with Amazon Prime, which guarantees (free) two-day delivery, I’ve had trouble getting my items on time. I won’t bore you with the details. So while expecting a delivery today, I consulted the Lenormand: Will my package arrive today?

jan26-package-arrive-todayMice – Letter – Stork

I saw the Letter, and felt that was my package. The Storks after signifies movement and change, which seemed like good news! The Mice preceding the Letter was a bit worrisome though. Could it indicate damage to my package? I believe that damage, although possible, would be beyond the scope of my question, so it seemed like a loss of some kind. Despite this “bump” I felt this reading indicated I’d get my delivery.

My package didn’t come with the mail, so after a couple of hours I called the post office. They found my shipment: the mailman hadn’t taken it on his rounds. I went to the post office to get it, and was told that even if I hadn’t picked it up today, someone would have seen and delivered it. (Amazon Prime items have to get delivered on time.)

So it turns out the Mice reflected the temporary loss, not to mention my anxiety over the process. But all ended well, and I got my shipment. Phew!