I attended a class on change management and leadership yesterday. That sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? Simply put, it’s about understanding change and how to successfully implement it. This class was geared towards the work world, although the nature of change in our home lives was discussed for comparison and contrast. It was a fun class with a sassy, high-energy teacher. She pointed out that most of the material is common sense, but people tend not to think things through or make time to do the essentials.

I wanted to share what I learned with my peers at work, but I’ve been asked if I’m willing to extend that to people who are “higher up”, including the person in charge of my department. That’s a little scary for me! So I pulled out my Greenwood Tarot and asked: What can I expect the outcome to be for me, if I present to this group? (You can click on the image to see the full size.)

The reading overall feels like a good one to me. When I look at the right column of things in play, I feel it’s building up to a sharing of the Hermit’s light. The left column, of things absent or balancing the right, indicates missing qualities that don’t feel harmful to me. The central column shows me a trajectory past frustration ultimately leading to security. The overall outcome 4 of Stones (Protection) is one of my favorite cards in this deck and indicates an overall good outcome.

First Triad

The root of this spread is the skillful Shaman, who is the masterful member of the tribe, with much knowledge to share of how the worlds work. While I might see him as myself in the context of my question, I felt he indicates the head of my department, who is the main reason I’m concerned with sharing what learned, since he may feel criticized by some of the material; many aspects of broad change are ultimately his responsibility. So that’s what I carried into my interpretation.

The 9 of Arrows (Dedication) shows a woman ready to do what it takes to proceed. This isn’t my personal image of the department head, but since I don’t work with him directly, maybe he has a sincerity and commitment to progress that I don’t see. It’s easy to throw stones and all that, after all. The 3 of Wands (Fulfillment) shows what’s missing; which seems pretty obvious. I read this triad as the department head wants to improve the department because it’s not satisfying right now. And that’s the basis for what I’m asking about in this reading.

Second Triad

This starts off positively with the Ace of Stones, which indicates a new foundation in place. A willingness to change? The foundation for people to be open to my message? This is contrasted with 9 of Stones (Tradition), which shows something missing. Here I think these two indicate a readiness to build on a new format to go about making change, because we lack a coherent, “traditional” framework to do this. Things tend to feel chaotic to many of us, as a result of that.

The heart of this reading is 5 of Arrows (Frustration). It looks like an image of “the one that got away.” I’m certainly frustrated by the way we manage changes in our department, and keeping with the theme of the audience for my presentation, I believe our senior management has to be frustrated as well. Especially if these changes are meant to improve things but don’t always do so.

Third Triad

The Hermit, as mentioned above, shows his guiding light. (And is another of my favorite Greenwood cards.) I feel like this is me, sharing what I learned, and exposing some personal vulnerability in doing so. The King of Arrows (Lynx) is the balance to this, and to be shows a lack of decisive decision making or clear actions based on logic. In other words, there is a clear inability for arrows to reach their target because the framework to guide them is missing.

The Sun is a great card to see, and in this position it is the foundation of the outcome. I usually read this position as the root of the outcome, and here it seems like a positive burst of energy ready to burn away the frustrations above it; and reinforces the light from the Hermit. Note that the Hermit is also in a position of emotions, which suggests an appeal that affects the emotions more so than logic — the mark of good persuasion technique.


The final outcome is the 4 of Stones (Protection). Here someone has built a foundation, the standing stones that protect the deer so it can be safe. I feel that, as the receiver of the cards before, it points to a positive outcome for me and a chance to start building that framework for my department to be better at adopting change.

I’m sorry if I sound like a corporate cheerleader using buzzwords; that’s not my intent. This is a real concern for me and for our department, and I’m using the language that’s available.

I think this was a fairly straightforward reading; certainly it took me longer to explain than to initially interpret it. Do you agree? Have other thoughts on these cards? Let me know in the comments!