We’re still big fans of the now-syndicated sitcom Golden Girls in this house. The woes and antics of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia continue to feel relevant, and never fail to raise our spirits along with a good laugh.

The Golden Girls

The Playing Card Oracles

I’ve been dabbling with the Playing Card Oracles (PCO) again, a system authored by Ana Cortez that works best with her deck, illustrated by Ana’s father, C.J. Freeman. I’ve come to the system periodically over the years. I always find it’s too different from other methods I’ve used — whether for playing cards or tarot — yet every time I get a little more from it.

The PCO can be used with geomancy which is built into the core layout.

I have long enjoyed geomancy, and although I haven’t blogged about it often, I’ve always found geomancy to be very enjoyable and accurate. It adds a nice layer to interpreting using the PCO.

The Reading

So having picked up PCO in the last week, just for fun I did a practice reading about Blanche Devereaux. Blanche is the shallow yet good-hearted southern belle with a never-ending stream of sexual escapades and stories thereof.

“The woman has slut embroidered on her underwear!” — Sophia Petrillo

My PCO question: What will Blanche’s next date be like?

PCO_reading_BlancheThe cards from top to bottom: King of Spades (Mardoc), 3 of Hearts (Clutch), 9 of Hearts (Gilles de Rais) and 6 of Clubs (Bridge).

The short answer is that Blanche will have a short-lived but strong romance with a needy guy who won’t be around too long! If you’ve watched the show this might not surprise you. How did I arrive at that conclusion?

The Breakdown

For convenience, I will abbreviate as KS, 3H, 9H and 6C respectively.

Elementally these cards are earth, water, water and air.

The watery hearts balance the earthy spades. Fiery diamonds would balance airy clubs. These red and back suit pairings complement each other.

The 3H tempers the otherwise dry and cold KS; it brings some balancing emotions to Mardoc, giving him some positivity he might otherwise lack. Emotions are strong in general, with two heart cards.

Each position relates to a body part, which comes from geomancy: head, neck, torso or feet. One of these areas is most important in a reading according to type of question.

The position that holds the 9H is the most important for this question. In this spread it is the torso, and relates to questions of the heart. This card shows passion which may overflow, and brings romance to the scenario. With the 3H there could be jealousy issues, or maybe a third party involved — perhaps this guy will be seeing another woman (or married!).

The neediness strikes me from the 3H and 9H together. Also, there is a lack of fire cards, so this spread is watery — emotions that flow like a river. This is passive, as opposed to the spark that could come from any diamond (fire) cards.

The 8C (Bridge) seems like a transition card, and as the foundation of the layout it makes me think this will be a transitory relationship. With the KS at the top, he would be very much in control of the relationship; things would be on his terms.

The Geomancy

The geomancy gives a “right witness” of Cauda Draconis, the dragon’s tail. This is a figure of endings, and it hints at complications. So this relationship would be off to a bad start.

A four-card spread can generate two geomancy figures, one based on number and one on color. These are added to create a third. These are the witnesses and the judge.

The “left witness” from this spread is Carcer, the prison, which is ruled by Saturn. Not a positive figure, and it suggest things that go round in circles or being trapped.

Left Witnessgeomancy_figure_carcer geomancy_figure_cauda_draconisRight Witness


These two combine to make a “judge” of Caput Draconis, the dragon’s head. This is how we get from the right to left witnesses, or it’s the outcome of the result. In this reading it’s as if the beginning comes after the end; and while the dragon’s head tends towards positive itself, the fact that it’s tied to two unfavorable witnesses downplays any benefits.

Overall, the geomancy echoes the tendencies of the independent Mardoc to be alone, and hints at the trouble that I’d expect from the 3H.


As I said, I think this reading shows that Blanche will have a short-lived but passionate romance with a needy guy who won’t be around too long. This comes from the elemental balance of the cards, the support of geomantic figures and lastly the card meanings. The geomancy is slick. I’ve seen geomantic figures generated from the tarot, but the fact that you can use both color and number to generate two witnesses from one spread is very cool.

This turned out to be a good PCO warmup, as a couple days later I did a real reading for someone, which I’d like to blog later.

If you’re intrigued by this method, you can get Ana’s PCO book for free at this time. You can technically use any deck of playing cards, although obviously the illustrated ones pictured here make reading easier unless you know the cards thoroughly.

If you try the PCO, or you use it already and have other thoughts on this reading, please share in the comments!