The Quick Cut is similar to how it sounds: a cut of the deck that can be quickly read, to show a quick answer and perhaps lead into a deeper reading session. It is not unlike a two-card draw, although the nature of cutting the deck makes it feel different to me. This method I credit to Chita St. Lawerence and you can read my summary in this post.

It feels very natural to me with a Lenormand deck, and compatible with those cards. The Quick Cut also seems like a good way to get used to reading Lenormand cards in pairs. Here is a sample I did yesterday with the Mystical Lenormand.

Dog + Key

After shuffling the deck, I made the cut. Dog showed up as the inner card, and Key as the outer card. Interestingly, I had recently drawn the Dog when I asked for a card to show me the energies of the day. I did not really have a question in mind when I drew these cards, although normally this spread is probably best suited for answering a question.

The first or “inner” card shows the answer or the generality, and second explains why by filling in detail for the first card. So the Dog is the overall answer. It indicates trust, loyalty or friendship; someone known, or the idea of a true friend. The second or “outer” card is the Key, and it is meant to support the Dog’s message. So it emphasizes the important connection to the trust or friendship of the Dog, and is like a big exclamation point.

While I didn’t have a specific question to put this reading in context, two situations occurred after this reading that put my Quick Cut in context. One is that I was able to reconnect with my partner and feel a sense of closeness; if you’ve read my recent blog entries, you’ll know this has been an issue lately. The other is that my partner and I went out for drinks and dinner with another couple, who we keep talking about going out with but never seem to find the time for. It was an excellent evening of renewing friendship!

The original Quick Cut instructions encourage the reader to read the cut in reversed order as well — the outer then inner cards — and if the message is congruent, the reading is accurate. I’m not sure if that would always fit with the Lenormand, but I think that for this reading, interpreting Key then Dog would produce much the same message.

If you try this Quick Cut method, please share your experience in the comment, and let me know if you find it a useful tool in your reader’s arsenal.