I am writing this on the bus, as I commute to work. I have a meeting today about a subject in my area of expertise, which includes a notoriously difficult individual whose approach is by nature brash and argumentative. While I’ve always thought he is just convinced he is always right, I recently suspect it’s just his personality. Some people are naturally argumentative in their approach, and from their point-of-view it’s just healthy communication.

Regardless, that’s the opposite of my style of interaction and I find the idea of this meeting and inevitable conflict stressful. I turned to the Lenormand to help with my approach.

I could look for the outcome of the meeting to see what I’m in for but I find that useless. Why do I want to hear that it will be good, or bad, or interrupted by a fire drill? That kind of soothsaying wouldn’t help me. I chose to ask a question that can help me out: Will a firm but polite approach result in a positive meeting from my perspective?


These cards were drawn using The Fool’s Dog Lenormand app on my iPhone.

My first thought was, “yay Key!” My second thought was “yuck Mountain.” I think this is my third reading this week that includes the Mountain.

My interpretation is that certainty and being firm (immobile like the Mountain) in my knowledge, and about this project, will effectively “protect” my turf and allow for a positive outcome. Note that it may require a followup meeting.

That was pretty much my initial response. To add a bit more detail after the fact, I thought the Key as the first card was quite positive. While the Mountain can often indicate a delay, I felt that wasn’t relevant to my question, and I felt the Mountain related to the concept of standing firm.

The Book also relates to the question in terms of showing knowledge, something I have. It can also show a project and this meeting relates to a project. The Bear gets its positive, protective aspect because it’s followed by the Clover. And the Clover is a positive lucky card, which can indicate a second chance — or in this case it adds the possibility of a second meeting.

Wish me luck!