Long time, no see, gentle readers! I haven’t done much with cards for a while, and so I haven’t had a lot to write about. My break has been good to refresh my mind and my energy, although I still have many things to juggle right now.

I have a meeting at work this afternoon, and to get some Lenormand reading practice in, I asked about the outcome.

This is the no-layout method, charging the Garden as the keycard to focus the reading. It’s a small meeting but I still think the Garden —  people, public and meetings — is appropriate. I’d considered the Birds but as I might want them to highlight some communication aspect, I felt it best to stick with Garden.

Snake + Tree + Key + Garden + Sun + Lady + Anchor

My meeting is very important (Key), and likely to be positive (Sun).

The Snake suggests problems. Problems definitely exist from my point-of-view. I organized this meeting in hopes of addressing some of them. And the results of this meeting might help me address additional issues in the future.

The Tree means the problems are deep rooted, which is true enough. It is fundamental to the way some things are currently structured.

The Key adds significance to this meeting. Although it’s important to me, it’s interesting to think that it could play out to be very important for my job.

Sun suggests a positive meeting, and it will be influenced by a woman. Or perhaps a woman with a positive outlook will be involved. That makes sense, as the highest manager involved is female. Anchor means problems will be overcome as a result; things will turn out in a stable fashion. Although it could take some work to get there!

Overall, the cards show a reasonably good outcome, which eases my mind a bit.

I had considered asking for advice (versus outcome) for this meeting, but I feel I should be able to determine that from the cards as well. In this case, I want to keep in mind that the problems are affecting the health of my team, so to speak. As an important meeting for me, I want to remain positive during, and I probably want to get this woman on my side.

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